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Shot Mandate Without Allowing Religious Exemption Begs 'Big One' for Godless LA Area?--MD

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Summary: Billy Graham said, "If God waits much longer, He will have to apologize to Sodom," but God won't need an apology. Judgment is coming if biblical signs mean anything, Dr. Richard Ruhling sees The Day of the LORD' coming with the Big One, 2023

LOS ANGELES - eTradeWire -- "Millions saw the San Andreas movie in 2015, amid six "when-then" signs of the biblical end-times," says Ruhling who writes on current events and Bible prophecy.

Ruhling says, "The day of the Lord is when God 'will shake the earth terribly' (Isaiah 2:12,21) but when is it? When Christ was asked about the end of the world, He said to understand the book of Daniel. In Daniel 8:17,20, Gabriel said, 'The vision is at the time of the end.' It was a ram and goat conflict with horns on the ram representing the Medes and Persians, but those areas are now Iraq and Iran. Since we've seen the horn of Iraq broken, we should wonder what makes the goat angry to fight Iran," explains Ruhling.

He adds that "the Bible explains itself--we will see nations gather against Jerusalem to battle. The houses shall be rifled, the women ravished...half the city shall go into captivity." Zechariah 14:1,2. "God gave us a two-part sign. Saddam, the horn of Iraq is broken--we should have faith to believe that Iran will be next," says Ruhling.

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"Muslims will be rejoicing over their victory—their Dome of the Rock mosque has an inscription, Allah has no Son, when suddenly the earthquake will hit Jerusalem and they will flee," says Ruhling who claims "the earthquake also brings judgment to the US and Southern California where Hollywood has exported every kind of sin to the world in music and movies—Muslims think the US is the great Satan."

The Jimmy Bakker Show featured an interview with Sadhu Sundar—both men affirmed an earthquake coming but neither knew when it would be, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxQZQMJ_Xpo

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