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Shelflation Retail Technology Corp. Provides an Innovative Approach to Inventory and Stock Rotation

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With the Shelflation mobile application, businesses will now have a powerful tool to improve inventory management and foster a more sustainable, efficient, and profitable operation.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - eTradeWire -- Shelflation's mobile application prioritizes the First Expire First Out principle in the realm of perishable products or those with expiration dates. The entire process is triggered by the expiry or sell-by date, ensuring a seamless and efficient approach from the warehouse to the store. Shelflation's mobile application accommodates dual business models, catering to B2B and B2C customers. The login options are tailored to provide user-friendly experiences for both segments.

For B2B Customers:
Shelflation offers an easily maintainable SaaS solution for B2B customers, compatible with cell phones and tablets. The application streamlines database building through a built-in barcode reader. After scanning the product's barcode, the AI algorithm categorizes data into 'Expired,' 'About to Expire' (less than a month to expiry), and 'Good' sections. The mobile application sends timely notifications for items in the 'About to Expire' section. Bi-weekly reports, analytics, and customizable forecasting enhance management convenience. Shelflation is designed for scalability, with considerations for seamless integration into existing company resources.

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For B2C Customers:
The mobile application features a discounted products list, geographically displayed for customers to explore based on location. Customers can conveniently purchase within the application using credit cards, schedule delivery, or opt for in-store pickup.

Shelflation's innovative solution aims to reduce shrinkage resulting from expired or spoiled merchandise significantly. Businesses can protect margins, save money, and enhance overall efficiency by optimizing inventory and ensuring timely notifications. The application introduces a basic stock rotation process, prioritizing products with upcoming sell-by dates to the front of the shelf and organizing products with later expiration dates towards the back. This systematic approach enhances store organization, saves time and money, and improves the accuracy of inventory orders.

About Shelflation Retail Technology Corp.: Shelflation mobile application is a comprehensive solution for retail stores to reduce overall inventory shrinkage by improving the stock rotation process. (https://shelflation.pro/)

Shelflation Retail Technology Corp.

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