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Self-care you can start today!

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KITCHENER, Ontario - eTradeWire -- Self-care Hacks

1. Physical Health

What exercise are you getting regularly?

Nutrition: Are the foods you eat nourishing your body or taxing your system?

Nature: Is your time spent entirely indoors, or are you taking opportunities to get into nature? Social distancing may limit available options, but consider taking a walk, sitting on a balcony or terrace, or open the windows to let in the fresh air.

2. Mental Health

Are your thoughts scattered, jumping from one thing to the next, or unable to focus? Mindfulness means focusing intensely on your experience. Take time to breathe and focus on your five senses one at a time and see the difference this simple mental break can lend.

Learn: What are you learning? Enjoy a new book or take an online course.

3. Emotional Health

Is your emotional energy sending you over the top or draining you of energy? Spend at least 20 minutes expressing yourself and see how the creative output fills you with inner peace.

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Music: Are you listening to music that inspires you? Music is a serious mood changer, so embrace this art, but be careful what you listen to and the messages it delivers.

4. Spiritual Health

Are you focusing on all that is wrong in the world or limiting your exposure to what you need to know? Practicing gratitude, whether by intentionally naming the things you are thankful for independently, sharing around the dinner table with family, or keeping a gratitude journal, this positive exercise will transform the way you experience the world.

Solitude: Do you gravitate toward filling quiet spaces with noise? More than anything, quiet and solitude tend to bother people because all that's left is one's thoughts, and that can be disconcerting. While music, conversation, and entertainment all have their place, solitude is a highly underrated resource. Once you become comfortable with your own company, the loneliness and stress of isolation will decrease dramatically.

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5. Relational Health

Do you regularly connect with other people via phone, internet or live video? Hearing another human being's voice or seeing another's eyes and a smile can make an enormous difference in your life. Imagine being a light in someone else's life.

Community-based Opportunities: Are you finding yourself looking inward due to isolation and the feelings that come from social distancing? Reaching outward can have profound effects on you and the lives you touch.

There are multiple methods for enhancing your health, even under unusual circumstances such as these. With a little attention to your inner and outer world, you can gain momentum and bring about vital change. http://www.break-through.ca

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