Selecting a Criminal Defense Attorney

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MINNEAPOLIS - eTradeWire -- Tips on finding and hiring the best criminal defense attorney for your case.

The most important issues are:  (1) that the lawyer practices primarily in the area of criminal defense; (2) that they have lots of experience, 20 or plus years (newer lawyers are green, green, green and will be fearful and miss things); and (3) published record of successes.

If you've been arrested for committing or charged with a crime—regardless of how serious—it's a good idea to talk to an attorney.  You should hire a private criminal defense lawyer.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney is an important decision and while there are lots of attorneys who handle criminal cases, you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer specifically.  Do not hire a lawyer who handles multiple types of cases, such as personal injury, family, and criminal. Below you'll find some information and tips to help you find and choose the best criminal defense lawyer for you.

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Start Looking for a Lawyer Immediately

It's usually best to talk to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Although your first court date might be a way out, finding a lawyer can take some time, and there might be things you can do in the meantime to improve the outcome of your case. For instance, if your case involves drugs or alcohol, an attorney might advise you to get into treatment or start going to 12-step meetings, like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), even before going to court for the first time.

What is the attorney's area of practice?

Ask how much of the attorney's practice is devoted to criminal defense. Some attorneys will occasionally take a criminal case, while others do all or almost all criminal defense. An attorney who focuses on criminal defense is more likely to be up to date on criminal law and familiar with how things run in criminal courts.

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The number of years an attorney has been practicing criminal defense is an important consideration. The more years of experience, the better the representation is likely to be. Experience matters.

Criminal Defense Lawyer, Lynne Torgerson, a lawyer of excellence and experience of over 30 years, can represent you or your loved one on all criminal charges, all misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and felonies, throughout the State of Minnesota.  Ms. Torgerson also successfully handles expungements, and gun rights restoration cases, NICs denials, ATF inquiries, carry permit appeals, permit to purchase denials, gun purchase denials, and Second Amendment litigation.  Please check out her website For representation please call (612) 339-5073.

Lynne Torgerson, Esq.
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