Scientists Created A Unique PapiStop Formula For Papillomas Treatment

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UNIONDALE, N.Y. - Jan. 29, 2018 - eTradeWire -- In July and August of 2016 at the National Institute of Biomolecular Technology the testing of the product PapiStop was conducted. Leading scientists managed to create a unique formula for papillomavirus treatment with many advantages:

  • removes papillomas using the power of natural extracts
  • suppresses reproduction of new papillomas and warts
  • helps to cleanse the skin from growths
  • stimulates anticancer protection (thanks to the flavonoids from the birch)
  • does not cause any side effects

The therapeutic effect of PapiStop is noticeable after several applications and after completing the full course of treatment the skin becomes smooth and renewed, and the papillomas and warts disappear.

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Many patients are interested in learning about the results of PapiStops's clinical trials. 850 volunteers infected with the papillomavirus and having external papillomas and warts took part in the study. All participants were divided in two subgroups. The first one underwent the remedial course of PapiStop, the second - used another cure. As a result, the first group had a 100% removal of skin growths, full treatment of HPV was observed in 98% of the subjects, in 88% of this subgroup, the so-called anticancer protection was increased, and no side effects had occurred. In those who used another agent, side effects were observed in every third case. Elimination of skin lesions in the second subgroup was at the level of 78%, only one in five was healed of HPV, and anticancer protection was observed in just 13% of cases.

This is the clear and scientifically based example of how PapiStop works. According to the manufacturer's statistics, already more than 500 thousand people have used PapiStop, and reviews show that the vast majority of users note the positive effect of the remedy.

Source: PapiStop LLC
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