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Reverse Osmosis (RO) System Process

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Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems can be designed and built site specific including configuration specifically for variable raw water TDS to accommodate seasonal changes in raw water quality.

BRISBANE, Australia - eTradeWire -- What is the Reverse Osmosis Treatment Process?

Reverse Osmosis technology passes water being treated through a thin film composite membrane (or multiples of), surface areas used are selected based on the required production rate, and drive pressures as well as the recovery (produced water verses waste water) and recycle flow rates are all unique to the system and raw water quality design.

The driving force of the reverse osmosis process is applied pressure. The amount of energy required for osmotic separation is directly related to the salinity of the solution. Thus, more energy is required to produce the same amount of water from solutions with higher concentrations of salt. Additional information will be supplied in the appendix for further explanation of the more advanced considerations of the technology and its design.

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Water Treatment Management | Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

This methodology involves the utilization of automatic modulating valves on the concentrate and recycle streams of the system, flow meters on the concentrate, recycle and permeate streams for flow feedback to the PLC, a variable speed drive control system on the high pressure pumps, pressure transmitters for pressure feedback to the PLC and finally – sophisticated software specifically developed by RWTS to provide accurate and reliable control based on operator adjustable setpoint targets for production and system membrane flux.

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Remote Water Treatment Services (https://remotewts.com.au/) is a total service water and wastewater treatment company providing solutions for hard-to-treat applications.

They design systems considering CAPEX budgets, ongoing costs of ownership/operation, and design life requirements.

Their knowledgeable staff and strong industry partnerships provide over 100 years of industry experience in the field making them stand out from their affiliated companies.

Remote Water Treatment Services
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