Research Shows USA Is Ideal For Remote Work; So Why Aren't More Companies Offering It?

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AUSTIN, Texas - eTradeWire -- The United States is ranked among the top five best countries in the world for remote work on the Global Remote Work Index, compiled and assessed by digital security powerhouse NordLayer. So, RemoteWorker CEO Joseph Boll asks, why aren't more companies offering it?

Boll's comments come as dozens of American businesses have begun attempting to enforce RTO (return-to-office) mandates that would herd employees who have been working remotely or in a hybrid model to return to physical offices full-time. He says the results of NordLayer's index are therefore surprising, given the reluctance of many American companies to embrace remote work fully.

"When it comes to overall remote work appeal, the USA is coming out on top in multiple areas," says the CEO of Remote Worker, a jobs board and digital recruitment service designed to help hiring managers and businesses connect with jobseeking professionals for remote work positions.

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"It actually tops Nord's list for COVID-19 handling; it's in the top five for economic potential — despite the Great Resignation; and it's in the top 10 for infrastructure. Out of 66 major world economies, the USA is ranking extremely well when it comes to remote work — and workers have shown it's one of the work benefits they want the most. So, the only question becomes: why aren't more businesses offering it?"

Different studies continue to indicate that Americans have a strong appetite for remote work, to the point where as many as 50-60 percent of employees would accept pay cuts for the opportunity to work remotely full-time. Meanwhile, other studies indicate that not only is the "Great Resignation" still happening, but it's also more of a "Great Reshuffling", where employees do not leave the workforce but rather leave one company to work for another — in many cases, for those who are more willing to compromise on benefits that allow better work-life balance, such as remote work. Especially given this current labour climate, Boll maintains that organizations do themselves a disservice by rejecting remote work.

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"Remote jobs simply work," Boll asserts. "Employees are more productive, they're saving more and spending more time with their families, and studies have proven that collaboration is actually improved. When all the conditions are ripe, all that's missing is the willingness on the part of employers to step into the future world of working."


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