React vs. Vue in 2021: Best JavaScript Framework on March 16, 2021

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Vue.js vs. React — what are they? Vue vs. React Performance.Job Market for React vs. Vue.

SAN FRANCISCO - eTradeWire -- While JavaScript frameworks are now vital for web app development, many companies struggle to choose between React and Vue for their projects. The short answer is that there is no clear winner in the general React.js vs. Vue.js debate. Each framework has its pros and cons and is useful for different applications. So, we've put together this convenient guide to popular frameworks, to help you better understand the use cases of Vue vs. React and determine which one will work best for your next project.

Which framework to choose for your project?

React's popularity means that there is a larger pool of experienced developers to hire from. According to the 2019 Front-End Tooling survey, over 48% of developers feel comfortable using React, while only 23% claimed to be able to use Vue at a comfortable level.

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However, HackerRank's Developer Skills Report found that, while 33.2% of companies are looking to hire React developers, only 19% of developers have the skills that are required. Whereas 10% of companies need Vue developers, but only 5.1% of developers are qualified.

Vue continues to increase in popularity though, and it took fourth place in the ranking of technologies that developers wanted to learn in 2020. This growth in popularity, along with Vue's excellent documentation and ease of learning, will likely result in an increase in qualified Vue developers.

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