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Providing reliable traction converters, subsystems and solutions for the railway industry

BURGESS HILL, England - May 20, 2019 - eTradeWire -- GD Rectifiers provide modern, reliable, energy-efficient traction converters and subsystems designed for the rail industry.

They supply a wide range of traction systems manufactured by KONČAR, including converters for coaches, locomotives, trains, trams and liquid cooling systems, power electronic building blocks and traction converters.

KONČAR is a leading manufacturer of power electronics, protection, measurement and ripple control systems and devices for equipping complex plants in energetic, industry and transport.

Converters for Coaches
KONČAR offers a range of wagon converters that differ in input voltages, output power and output voltages, these are: KONTRAC PN 6 MS, KONTRAC PN 30 MS, KONTRAC PN 50 MS and KONTRAC PN 60 MS.

Converters for Locomotives
KONČAR's two converters KONTRAC GP 1000 AC and KONTRAC PN 170 AC feature high quality and reliability, they are used for supplying the main and auxiliary drives of locomotives.

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Converters for Trains
KONČAR's converters for trains provide equipment for electric multiple units as well as diesel electric multiple units, the range features: KONTRAC GP 550 DE, KONTRAC GP 550 AC and KONTRAC PN 110 AC.

Converters for Trams
KONČAR's modernisation of tramcars includes the integration of new main drive and auxiliary drive converters in the existing tramway vehicles which results in high functionality and reduced maintenance costs. The range of converters for trams includes: KONTRAC GP 170 DC, KONTRAC PN 35 DC and KONTRAC PN 25 DC.

Liquid Cooling Systems
This liquid cooling system is a compact single unit is designed for installation in the traction converter, it uses water to cool the converter power modules and is intended for installation as a standalone unit under floor or on the roof of a vehicle.

Power Electronic Building Blocks
The KONTRAC PS800 is a liquid cooled power electronic building block designed for propulsion converters in traction applications, it features the latest IGBT technology and provides easy maintenance.

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Trackside Converters
The primary function of the trackside converters is to supply various loads in substations providing power supply for integrated lighting and information systems, railway signalling and protection systems. KONČAR provides three trackside converters: KONTRAC PN 30 AC, KONTRAC PN 50 DC/PN 100 DC and KONTRAC PN 225 AC.

GD Rectifiers is an authorised UK distributor KONČAR, specialising in development, engineering, production, testing and maintenance of industrial electronic devices and systems.

For further information on KONČAR's range of traction converters and subsystems for the railway industry, please call GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email: enquiries@gdrectifiers.co.uk.


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