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Questions Answered by Beautiful Mind Cffee

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ST. CATHARINES, Ontario - eTradeWire -- QUESTION:  What is the name of the unique blend of coffee you get that has been formulated by a neurologist, a neurobiologist, and a pharmaceutical chemist?

ANSWER:  You get BEAUTIFUL MIND COFFEE, a unique coffee blend that tastes great and has herbal ingredients THAT YOUR BRAIN WILL LOVE, and it is not just coffee, It's Brainalicious!

Dr. Rathbone, Dr. Jiang, and Dr. Winslow, the scientific team that created BEAUTIFUL MIND COFFEE decided to collaborate on a coffee focusing on brain health.

As for those herbal ingredients found in BEAUTIFUL MIND COFFEE, Dr. Rathbone Dr. Jiang, and Dr. Winslow,  utilizing their combined extensive scientific research background, worked with many natural and herbal products until the exact formulation that is found in BEAUTIFUL MIND COFFEE was created.

With a unique scientific formula not found in any other coffee being sold or served, BEAUTIFUL MIND COFFEE is the only coffee blend that contains three herbal ingredients found to aid in boosting your daily mental clarity and focus.

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Every cup of BEAUTIFUL MIND COFFEE contains scientifically formulated amounts of Maca root powder, green tea extract, and American ginseng, all supporting good brain health.

Taking care of your brains health now can help delay or prevent the onset of cognitive dysfunction, including dementia, Alzheimer's, and more general memory loss as you get older, just by enjoying the delicious flavor of our roasted coffee and herbal ingredients found exclusively in BEAUTIFUL MIND COFFEE.

Did you know that Cognitive dysfunction also refers to deficits in attention, verbal and nonverbal learning, short-term and working memory, visual and auditory processing, problem-solving, processing speed, and motor functioning?

For more on BEAUTIFUL MIND COFFEE, the three scientists who formulated BEAUTIFUL MIND COFFEE, and more details on the three unique herbal ingredients in BEAUTIFUL MIND COFFEE, visit www.beautifulmindcoffee.ca.

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BEAUTIFUL MIND COFFEE is now available online at Amazon.ca (https://www.amazon.ca/Beautiful-Mind-Coffee-Original-Blend/dp/B084KV9FGB/ref=sr_1_4?crid=20IGS3AYOEOKK&keywords=beautiful+mind+coffee&qid=1678122896&sprefix=beautiful+mind+coffee%2Caps%2C85&sr=8-4) and Amazon.com (https://www.amazon.com/Beautiful-Mind-Coffee-Or...).

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