Pura Cura Offers a CBD Starter Pack for Customers Looking for Multiple Flavors

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Natural-based cannabidiol supplement company, Pura Cura, now offers a CBD starter pack for customers looking to test multiple flavors to find which they enjoy best.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Feb. 21, 2019 - eTradeWire -- Pura Cura is a natural-based cannabidiol company offering a wide assortment of different CBD products. Their best (and most popular) products are oils containing pure cannabidiol (free of tetrahydrochloride or THC).

CBD Starter Pack Offer

For those who are just starting their CBD oil journeys and aren't sure what they like best, Pura Cura offers a starter pack. The starter pack contains five different flavors of their CBD oil, so that new users can figure out what they like.

The five flavors include: coconut, strawberry, mango, spearmint, and peppermint. All five testers are 100 mg each in strength, and the box also comes with a discount coupon for 20 percent off future purchases of CBD oils 600 mg and above.  The starter pack itself is incredibly affordable at under $50, making it a very cost-efficient way to get started in CBD oil.

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When starting a journey in CBD oil, many consumers can become confused as to which products are truly better. At Pura Cura, however, they have taken extra steps to prove that their CBD oil is not only potent, but also safe and effective.

The most important of these extra steps is third-party lab testing. Each batch of CBD oil is tested for potency, as well as to ensure that there are no contaminants. Contaminants the company test for include bacteria, microbials, pesticides, and more.

Health conscious individuals will also approve of the fact that all CBD is 100 percent hemp-sourced in the United States, without any GMOs. It is also vegan and gluten-free, created with zero preservatives or unnecessary additives such as vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol .

Figuring Out What Is Liked

The main selling point of the starter pack is that it contains five different types of organic cannabidiol oil. It is meant to allow customers figure out what they like best – but, for some people, this goes further than simply testing the bottles out for their different flavors.

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Sometimes, customers find that one product simply seems to work better for a specific ailment or aspect of well-being. This is because the essential oils combined with the hemp-derived CBD may have benefits of its own.

It's recommended that customers who seek a specific remedy (such as knee pain, or possible acne reduction) use each flavor individually for a minimum of three days. This way, all health benefits can be tracked along with flavor preference to help influence future purchases.

About Pura Cura

Pura Cura is revolutionary among the cannabidiol industry. Based in Northern California, the company proudly proclaims its' mission to be "to provide sustainable, plant based, and cruelty-free cannabidiol products."  They are continually working on ways to improve upon the safety and effectiveness of their company.For more information, you can contact the company through their website at www.puracura.com, or via email at info@puracura.com.

Pura Cura

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