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Process Technology engineers new high flow heat exchanger

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Process Technology: XC High-Flow Heat Exchanger
Process Technology expands XC heat exchanger line capability with a new, XC High-Flow, version.

CLEVELAND - eTradeWire -- The new XC High-Flow Inline Heat Exchanger from Process Technology delivers an ultra-high-purity (UHP), compact, high-flow heat exchanger with precise and stable heat transfer while reducing fluid pressure drop.

High-flow capacity is achieved with a larger 13mm (0.5 inch) diameter tubing to improve circulation, reduce pressure drop, and enable a faster temperature response. The low-mass unit is internally baffled for additional heat performance. Recirculating and single-pass flow applications provide safe heating for water, acids, bases, and solvents.

Clean-room assembled, no wetted o-ring, PFA tube-side chemistry paths allow the XC High-Flow to meet the most stringent cleanliness requirements to support next-generation ultra-high-purity semiconductor node technologies.

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The units' small, lightweight footprint reduces space requirements in tool design and allows for easy adaptations to existing lines for simplified end-user manufacturing complexity.

Exchange Area
• 1.5 FT2 – 0.14m² (10.0 inch shell)
• 2.5 FT2 – 0.23m² (14.0 inch shell)
• 3.5 FT2 – 0.33m² (18.5 inch shell)

On behalf of Process Technology, Senior Product Manager, Doreen Langa stated, "Process Technology continues to be responsive to the ever-changing technological needs of our customers in the semiconductor, electronics and pharmaceutical industries. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to design solutions that improve efficiencies. The XC High-Flow Inline Heat Exchanger, with its fast temperature responsiveness, is one such advancement that achieves the high flow requirements with reduced pressure drop."

Additional product specifications:
• Temperature range is 135°C (275°F).
• PFA tubing pressure range is 241 kPa (34.9 PSI) at 120°C (248°F).

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• Polypro shell pressure is 206 kPa (29.8 PSI) at 82°C (179.6°F).PVDF shell pressure is 206 kPa (29.8 PSI) at 135°C (275°F).

Process Technology, established in 1978, serves industries that include Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display (FPD), Microelectromechanical (MEMS), Nanotechnology, Photovoltaic (PV, solar cell), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Biomedical and Pharmaceutical. Process Technology's product offering includes LUFRAN™ fluoropolymer DI water and chemical heaters, quartz DI water heaters, fluoropolymer & quartz inline chemical heaters, electric immersion heaters, heat exchangers, high-temperature filter chambers, solvent heaters, nitrogen heaters, and Dynatronix™ power supplies. Semi S2/S3 and CE compliant; ETL/UL and NRTL certified. ISO 9001:2008, including design.

Media Contact
Process Technology, Erin Giddings

Source: Process Technology
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