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President Might Commute Hunter's Sentence; Perhaps Even Pardon Him

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It's Easy to Get Around Video of His Promise Not to Pardon Son If Convicted

WASHINGTON - eTradeWire -- - A spokesperson for President Joe Biden suggested in an interview today that, despite his promise not to pardon his son Hunter Biden if he were to be convicted, the President might nevertheless commute whatever sentences he might receive from a Trump-appointed judge after his conviction of three gun-related felonies.

But, despite his pledge, which was video recorded and widely aired, he could easily get around his promise with virtually no adverse consequences, suggests public interest law professor John Banzhaf, who helped torpedo the "sweetheart" plea deal Hunter was to receive under which he would receive no time behind bars for any other felonies or other crimes.  See:
Hunter Plea Deal Scuttled – Law Prof Played Major Role (https://www.valuewalk.com/hunter-plea-deal-scut...)

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As a PBS News Hour report put it, Biden ruled out pardon for son Hunter but less definitive about potential commutation, White House say

But if Biden is reelected president, he would have little personally to lose by pardoning Hunter since he cannot run for a third term.

Also, since it's certainly possible given his age that death or even a serious illness might prevent him from finishing his term, he might see little downside from saving his son from the burdens and real risks of incarceration, and in doing so while he is physically and mentally able.

Indeed, he could easily justify going back on his earlier promise if Hunter is injured or even threatened while serving a sentence since few fathers would be willing to risk their son's lives if they could possible avoid it.

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Obviously it would be all too easy for Hunter to lie to his father about being attacked and/or threatened in order to give his father political cover to go back on his earlier no-pardon promise.

Also, notes Banzhaf, Biden could even issue a secret pardon to Hunter, one which would not go into effect until after Election Day, so that Hunter would be protected even if his father isn't re-elected.

Most legal experts seem to have agreed that Donald Trump might have issued a secret pardon - one signed but not made public - to pardon himself before leaving office.

Now that same tactic might have some appeal the President Biden, the law professor suggests.

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Source: Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf
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