Preparing Your Teen Driver For The Road

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Nevada Insurance Enrollment Presents 7 Ways to Prepare Teen Drivers for the Dangers of the Road

LAS VEGAS - eTradeWire -- You thought this day would never come, and even now, it seems to have come way too soon. Nevertheless, your child is ready to take the wheel, and you're wondering how to make sure that they're as prepared as possible.

1). Brush Up on Nevada's Graduated Licensing Laws
This affects young drivers between the ages of 15 and 18.

2). Remind Them That Driving Is a Privilege
Driving is a privilege, not a right. Like all privileges, it can, and in this case definitely should, be taken away the moment it's abused. Remind them that when they're behind the wheel, any carelessness could result in significant damage, not only to themselves but also to someone else.

3). Practice Makes Perfect
On the one hand, you're more than ready to retire as a chauffeur, but on the other, the idea of handing your keys to your 16-year-old makes you physically ill. However, you're probably going to end up doing it anyway, so the more practice your teenager gets and the more situations they're exposed to, the safer they'll be.

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4). Have Them Take a Driver's Education Course
You've probably got a couple decades of driving under your belt and probably assume that'll make you a good teacher, but the truth is that there really isn't a substitute for professional instruction.

5). Minimize Distractions
Teach your child that it is never necessary or acceptable to use a cellphone while driving. Texts should be sent and read only when the destination is reached, and even hands-free calling has been shown to be a tremendous distraction for drivers. Also, remember that among the biggest distractions that your teen will face will be their passengers, so pay attention to Nevada's passenger restrictions, which states that young drivers cannot transport anyone under 18 for the first six months after getting their license.

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