Poseidon Ancient Coins Honored by the US Navy

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The US Navy wanted ancient god coins as god as the tattoos their Sailors wear. Navycrow.Com heard them and responded.

SAN DIEGO - eTradeWire -- Ancient cultures are often studied in terms of who they prayed to, what Gods they honored and how those deities were involved in the daily activities of these ancient cultures. The Vikings and the Greeks honored and often celebrated the ancient Gods through their warring and battles, the advancement of farming and the harvest and in some cases mortality and the God of death the who ruled over the underworld.

US Navy Sailors are famous for their tattoos. Now there are challenge coins that rise to the level of their tats with some amazing designs.

Navycrow.Com has been closely aligned with the United States Navy. As a US Navy run and operated business we understand the United States Navy and have been producing their challenge coins for over a decade. When the opportunity to design these Ancient God coins came up we could not hesitate and the results speak for themselves. Original artwork featuring Ares, God Of War, Zeus, Poseidon for the Greeks and the Vikings with their Gods such as Aegir, Freyr and Hel. These are some of the most iconic and ancient coins representing the Gods of 2 ancient cultures. We are proud to offer these coins for challenge coin collectors and those that appreciate the high quality challenge coin designs of Devildogshirts.Com. Check out the Ancient God Challenge Coins at https://navycrow.com/product-category/us-navy-challenge-coins/ancient-coins/

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As a proud supporter of the United States trademark and licensing offices, a percentage of each sale is sent to their offices in support of their MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) programs which we are proud to be a part of. The designs produced by Devildogshirts.Com have been all over the world and it is something they are proud to have accomplished.

If you are interested in receiving a quote on custom challenge coins send them an email us at hq@navycrow.com and check out many of their past designs on their YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/Vision-strike-wear/vi...) channel. As a leading military designer for the United States military they would be honored to work directly with you, your military unit or command and help with your successful fundraising campaigns.

Source: Navycrow.Com
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