PocketGuardian® uses patented machine learning technology to fight Cyberbullying and Depression!

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Online safety startup PocketGuardian® uses Artificial Intelligence to provide digital safety.

SILVER SPRING, Md. - May 20, 2019 - eTradeWire -- Kids are getting their first smartphones and mobile devices earlier and earlier in 2019. Having devices as early as 8 years old, the probability of being cyberbullied starts at an earlier and earlier age. Every year reports of the percentage of kids being harassed online increases. The numbers presently being closer to 50% of children online having been subjected to some form of online abuse. As study's have shown a possible correlation between increased cyberbullying and suicide, technology must take measures to mitigate digital harassment.

As technology advances at an alarming rate and apps of concern appear in app stores each day, no parent can possibly keep up with monitoring. PocketGuardian, creating a patented AI technology platform, stepped in to assist parents with their children's online safety. Sending automated alerts to parents when detecting potential areas of concern such as cyberbullying, sexting, depression, alcohol and narcotic usage, PocketGuardian provides a much needed monitoring technology.

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Developed with the collaboration of professionals in the areas of child education, psychology and law enforcement, PocketGuardian's platform utilizes its sophisticated algorithm to analyze text messaging and social media accounts for inappropriate content. To date having analyzed over 1 billion text and social media messages. Not just looking for keywords, PocketGuardian is able to determine the context of a message. Alerting parents with an automated email message only when a potential issue of concern is detected. PocketGuardian also provides links to information tailored to the issue detected. Helping parents with the "What now?" as well as how to help their child become a good digital citizen.

"We knew the importance of our technology from the very beginning," said Co-Founder at PocketGuardian®, James Ryan. "If we could make just one parent aware that their child was being harassed, suffering from depression or involved in harmful activities online. It was a win," said Ryan.

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PocketGuardian also considered the privacy of the child from the very beginning. "We never intended to develop technology that allowed parents to spy. Kids still need their privacy. So parents only have access to messages of concern. Not the entirety of the child's life," said Ryan.

Going forward, PocketGuardian® will continue developing its technology as it forms new partnerships to expand the reach of its technologies protection. PocketGuardian's similarly named app PocketGuardian® utilizes their AI technology and sends automated alerts when detecting potentially inappropriate or harmful content sent or received on the child device. PocketGuardian® costs $12.99 per month for families and can be downloaded at www.gopocketguardian.com.

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