A Physician Shares His Secret to a Happy Life in New Autobiography

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New Book Release by Escribe Publishing - "Life is a Gift, Enjoy It" by Dr. Robert C. Orr

LAS VEGAS - eTradeWire -- For Dr. Robert C. Orr there is no such word as can't. In his recently released autobiography, Life is a Gift, Enjoy It, Orr proves that obstacles to success are plentiful, but that  poverty, racism or disability for that matter need not be a barrier to achievement and happiness. For Dr. Orr the special ingredients it takes to persist against all odds comes down to the choices we make, the people we walk with on our journey and the belief we have in ourselves. In his autobiography Dr. Orr shares how his early childhood informed his outlook on life. The faith of his father necessitates young Robert's migration from New York to Detroit. With the support of his extended family, Robert confronts new challenges. Two roads are before him and the choice he makes determines his destiny and ultimately the destiny of his progeny.

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Orr's journey of self-discovery, persistence and success will captivate readers as they learn that it is possible and necessary to not only survive but find happiness no matter what confronts us in this life. For Orr finding time to smell the roses along the way as it were, is a very necessary part of the journey.

About the Author

Dr. Robert Orr, Sr is a family man and practicing family physician for over 50 years. He is a native of New York and a first -generation Jamaican American. Due to family ties and the pursuit of an excellent education, Orr moved to Detroit as a teenager, where he was raised and mentored by his uncles who were professionals in dentistry and business. Having excelled in high school he went on to attend Fisk University as an undergraduate and later the University of Des Moines Medical School.

The book "Life is a Gift, Enjoy It" will be exclusively for sale on Amazon.com. Within four to six weeks, it will be available from other online book retailers.

Read an excerpt at  https://escribepublishing.com/an-excerpt-from-life-is-a-gift-2/

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