Phone Calls - Does Your Income depend upon making phone calls?

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Is making calls the only way you can earn money (or by having others do them)?

LOS ANGELES - eTradeWire -- High-ticket offers require large amounts of time on the phone chasing clients and convincing them to buy.

This is a hard model to find success with. Yet it is the model that many coaching gurus are pushing.

When was the last time that YOU answered an unknown or "Spam Risk" phone call? Often prospects who agreed to speak with you (on your survey or call schedule form) won't even answer the phone!

It's almost an endless cycle of disappointment that can often become demoralizing.

You won't be able to predict how many sales you'll generate from cold calling. This inconsistency could put your business in financial jeopardy.

The process can take a long time. The chances of getting a potential client can be low at times.

In addition, many high-ticket programs will extend the refund range to 90 days or more. This is done to relax the client about the uncomfortable amount of money you are requesting.

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But because the price tag is so high clients cool off and request refunds when some "personal emergency" happens.

Ready for a New Approach to Online Wealth?
Now imagine not trying to get clients to pay thousands of dollars for your offering each year (or month).

Instead, your clients (subscribers) will pay a modest fee ($9 to $50) each month.

And because of the value you provide these clients they happily pay for your service each month!

The basic model of 1,000 subscribers paying only $9 each month is more than 100,000 dollars each year.

Plus you are creating this income part-time while still holding down your job.

(Though you will probably leave that job quickly!)

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