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Parents of "pandemic babies" turn to baby sign language while home with baby

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BOSTON - eTradeWire -- According to Parents magazine, "From seeing your pediatrician over a screen instead of in person, to securing the formula and wipes you need while everyone else is hoarding supplies, COVID-19 has created a challenging new reality that new parents must face."

For many parents stuck at home, added time with baby means more opportunities to start communicating with little ones, even before they can speak. Using baby sign language, American Sign Language-based (ASL), more parents than ever are discovering the joy and fun of signing with baby.

Lane Rebelo, LCSW, is founder of Tiny Signs® an online baby sign language program and is best-selling author of both Baby Sign Language Made Easy and The Complete Guide to Baby Sign Language. In 2020, she has heard from many parents on her Instagram and Facebook group who say baby sign language has been a lifesaver for communicating with infants or toddlers and keeping sane in the age of Covid: "Babies are growing up in a very unique time. Having parents at home means they can share more of baby's firsts and share in baby's daily routines." According to Lane, "With the added time together, parents are more and more turning to baby sign language as a way to build communication with their little ones even before they can speak. And it's fun!"

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For new parents, one of the most frustrating challenges is not knowing what baby needs. For the pandemic generation, Lane's books and online course offer a level-headed approach to teaching signs to baby so she can tell you exactly what she's thinking. Having first started signing with her own daughter in 2006, she discovered many rookie mistakes the hard way.

According to Lane, "The biggest mistakes parents make with baby signing are that they give up too soon or they miss signs that baby is already making—just not in the perfectly formed manner they expected. I often recount the story of my daughter tapping her hand on her ear. I thought she had an earache. It turned out she was trying to sign 'eat'. Eat is signed correctly at the mouth and her early attempt just didn't look like what I was expecting."

Lane's online course and books have helped thousands of parents overcome common mistakes and build a strong foundation for success signing with baby. In the age of pandemic babies home with mom and dad, baby signing can be a lifesaver that promotes earlier interaction, reduced frustrations and a generally happier infant or toddler—not to mention the parents.

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Learn about resources to get started signing with your baby! http://www.tinysigns.net
Baby Signing Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tinysigns/

Lane Rebelo, LCSW

Source: Tiny Signs
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