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Who is M.T. Smith and is PaidLetter.Com a realistic and affordable path to financial freedom?

LOS ANGELES - eTradeWire -- The team at, lead by M.T. Smith, makes 3 key points:

1 - You can create a subscription base without becoming a social media influencer.

2 - You need to control the platform which eliminates YouTube, Facebook, and yes, even Instagram.

3 - It is a good idea to get paid directly for the content provided to your readers.

Many people, often older, are still having trouble believing and accepting that a person of average intelligence can generate a salary on their own.

The hypnotic allure of "corporations" may even have you thinking: "...I am not an entrepreneur, I could never work for myself."

But in reality, you are already an entrepreneur!

Your services are purchased by an employer who is the client. And after doing the math your fee is much too low.

PaidLetter.Com teaches you how to start and launch a newsletter with paying subscribers in the first 4 weeks of training. After that, each issue continues to inspire your greatest and share inside secrets from leading-edge publishers.

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According to M.T. Smith
"We are getting would-be entrepreneurs who are stuck on thinking they need high technology, coding experience, or a heap of money to understand the new direction of online income."

He is also a fan of MJ DeMarco, writer of "The Millionaire Fastlane," C.E.N.T.S. approach to entrepreneurship.

C - Control - to create true financial freedom you must control the "product".

E - Entry - or more properly put: "create a barrier to entry". This is sometimes called a moat. !

N - Need - You must create the content that your readers will eagerly pay to access.

T - Time - As Tim Ferriss so aptly described in The 4-Hour Workweek you must find a muse that will allow you to separate your time from your income.

S - Scale - Many physical product entrepreneurs are learning hard lessons about the complexity of importing, warehousing, and shipping. And the high costs associated with them. Your subscribers can grow to thousands or tens of thousands. And your product costs can be very modest. Even one-thousand subscribers at $10/month will kick you into the 6-figure income bracket!

Discover how you can get started now. Click the link below:


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