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OverSightMD Closes the Gap for Metabolic and Mental Health Treatment Across Healthcare Silos

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MILPITAS, Calif. - eTradeWire -- OverSightMD, a leading provider of proactive, integrated health management, has expanded its Connected Therapy Cloud platform to include metabolic health management. This expansion will allow healthcare providers to offer comprehensive patient care by simultaneously addressing mental and physical health conditions.

Metabolic conditions are often associated with mental illness, and research has shown that people with obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions are much more likely to develop conditions such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the relationship between mental illness and metabolic health is bi-directional, meaning that each can contribute to the development or exacerbation of the other.

OverSightMD's Connected Therapy Platform already offers mental health monitoring and support, including hourly relapse monitoring, data analysis, and integrated care coordination. With the addition of Metabolic Health Management, the platform now allows for the tracking and managing of metabolic symptoms and risk factors, such as sleep disruption, irregular medication patterns, and continuous glucose levels.

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By integrating metabolic and mental health management, the Connected Therapy Platform enables healthcare providers to take a comprehensive approach to patient care. The platform's specialized virtual nurses can now monitor patients' mental and metabolic well-being, allowing for early interventions, treatment reminders, and integrated care coordination.

"Metabolic health is a critical factor in mental well-being, especially for patients with pre-existing metabolic conditions," said Mark Godwin, CEO and Founder of OverSightMD. "With the addition of Metabolic Health Management to our platform, we can provide a more comprehensive approach to care, addressing both physical and emotional health needs of patients."

"Our goal is to support multidisciplinary care coordination among addiction specialists, mental health professionals, and primary care physicians. By providing the tools to monitor both mental and metabolic health, we can work together to develop effective treatment plans that address the whole person's needs," said Mr. Godwin.

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OverSightMD is creating efficiencies in healthcare delivery, improving clinical outcomes, and reducing healthcare spending. To learn more about OverSightMD, visit their website at https://www.oversightmd.com.

OverSightMD (https://oversightmd.com/) Founded in 2013, OverSightMD Inc. is a leading integrated health management company providing healthcare solutions tailored for hospital systems, providers, and employers. The OverSightMD platform integrates state-of-the-art technology with an experienced clinical team of physicians, nurses, behavioral health clinicians, and care coordinators continuously monitoring and screening the well-being of patient populations. Their personalized patient care approach encompasses data tracking from various sources, including self-reported symptoms, nurse wellness calls, advanced RPM, and wearable devices. Their proactive intervention strategy aims to improve daily health management and prevent incidents like disease relapse, unnecessary ER visits, and hospital readmissions.

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