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Orthoservice Ro+Ten Group Embraces Digital Transformation with Sensoria Knee Brace Technology. New Product Announcement at Exponsanita' in Bologna

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BOLOGNA, Italy - eTradeWire -- Orthoservice Ro+Ten group, a leading orthopedic solutions provider in Switzerland, Italy, and Germany, announces a strategic partnership with Sensoria Health to incorporate Sensoria Knee Brace technology into their knee brace product line. This collaboration marks a significant step towards digital transformation in the orthopedic industry, enhancing patient outcomes and revolutionizing the Orthoservice Ro+Ten product offerings. Thanks to the new OrthoRehab app and Sensoria Core microelectronics and inertial platform sensors the knee braces now provide a full remote patient monitoring system designed from the ground up with the patient, the orthopedic surgeon, and the physical therapist in mind.

Sensoria's Knee Brace technology and OrthoRehab integrates advanced sensors and smart textile innovation to provide real-time data and insights into knee support and rehabilitation. Orthoservice Ro+Ten's decision to adopt this cutting-edge technology underscores their commitment to delivering state-of-the-art orthopedic solutions to their clients.

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"This collaboration with Sensoria represents a significant milestone for Orthoservice Ro+Ten as we embark on a journey of digital transformation in orthopedics," said Paolo Rossi, Founder & CEO at Orthoservice Ro+Ten. "By integrating Sensoria Knee Brace technology into our product line, we aim to redefine the standards of care for knee support and rehabilitation."

The partnership aligns with Sensoria's mission to leverage technology for improved health outcomes. "We are excited to work with Orthoservice Ro+Ten to bring the benefits of Sensoria Knee Brace technology to patients in Switzerland, Italy and Germany" said Davide Vigano', Cofounder and CEO at Sensoria Health Inc. "Together, we can empower both patients and orthopedic professionals with actionable data and enhance the overall patient experience."

The digitally transformed Orthoservice Ro+Ten knee brace products featuring Sensoria Knee Brace technology are expected to be available for patients and healthcare professionals in Switzerland and Italy starting September 2024.

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About Orthoservice Ro+Ten: Orthoservice Ro+Ten is a leading orthopedic solutions provider based in Switzerland, committed to delivering innovative and effective products to support orthopedic health. With a focus on patient care and well-being, Orthoservice Ro+Ten continues to pioneer advancements in the orthopedic industry.

About Sensoria Health: Sensoria is a global leader in wearables, smart apparel, and footwear technology, specializing in developing wearable solutions for various industries, including healthcare and wellness. Their mission is to empower individuals with technology that enhances health, performance, and overall well-being.

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