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NYC-Based Founder of DragonFly Ventures Wins CloudAttack Hackathon

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"Within 4-minutes Matt located the cloaked cloud, accessed it, escalated his security privilege and neutralized defensive systems"

NEW YORK - eTradeWire -- Hacking does not look like the movies.

Lots of pen and paper. Diagrams of networks, the points of entry, how data gets in and out, if the network serves humans-only or if other microservices are involved.

It looks like planning a war, not WarGames.

The Cloud has become the most attacked information architecture on the planet. Hundreds of thousands of DOS and more technical attacks are launched each minute.

Targets range from commercial run-of-the-mill corporate espionage targets.

Others are Military and Sovereign organizations using cutting edge hardware and ai-enabled software.

Then there is Matt McDonagh.

Matt began "playing with computers" as he calls it in 1995, at the age of 8.

"After practicing on my friends for years, the library at Spring Ridge Middle was my first real target." Matt laughs while telling the story at the 11th Annual Underground HackAttack, held each year at a revolving undisclosed location in New York City

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Matt explains his evolution from system access to system duplication and imitation.

"Getting a peek is great, but the data are old. Better to gain listening capabilities and continue undetected"

Matt won this years competition in record time. Less than 5-minutes. Last year's winner took nearly 6 hours to complete the task. It should be pointed out the network and security environment was very different, but comparable in difficulty.

Matt graduated from Fordham University after studying Economics & Business Administration. He worked as a data engineer during his undergrad years while studying machine learning and deploying it to trade FOREX.

Working in Investment Banking on Wall Street for 5-years provided Matt a framework for financial modeling & analysis. After leaving Wall St, Matt launched a successful long/short equity hedge fund with 3 partners and a venture capital firm to find/fund/build passion projects called DragonFly Ventures.

DragonFly Ventures is a partner of RevSystems.

Visit https://revsystems.ai to learn more now.

About RevSystems, LLC

RevSystems, LLC is the leading revenue performance software development company. RevSystems unleashes induced machine learning, python-driven exploratory data analysis, and sensor technologies to optimize revenue command and control capabilities.

RevSystems provides Secure Revenue Cloud architecture, engineering & development.

Source: RevSystems, LLC
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