NY Yankee Fans Turn Into Stars At Bronx Bomber Blues

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In our online web blog portal, you become the next baseball star. See how it works.

NEW YORK - Feb. 23, 2019 - eTradeWire -- Bronx Bomber Blues you and the New York Yankees now team together to bring our member participants to be a Yankees Star on our Online web portal.

Bronx Bomber Blues has announced it's new Yankee Rumors Guest Author participation on our web blog portal. We treat our guest members like a first-class star member at Bronx Bomber Blues where you become the Yankees star of the day.

By joining us authorizing you the member Author Permissions you may post your own article on the headlines of Bronx Bomber Blues where we publish the article for you.  If writing isn't your forte no problem we'll assist you. Bronx Bomber Blues has its own writers and editing staff who will assist you to professionally edit your article prior to it's publishing to give it nice clear concise copy we publish on our Bronx Bombers Blues site.

Bronx Bomber Blues Yankees star of the day is being introduced as a special feature on Bronx Bomber Blues web portal.

RJ Suitor the creator of Bronx Bomber Blues states: "Our guests and members of our exciting Yankees News and Chat Blog Portal is our first concern where it is our goal to treat our online members as Yankee stars"

Most media and sports blogs have their own set of authors or writers on staff who write an article they wish to publish to their readers.  Many of the same team sports blogs are all pretty much identical.

Most sports blogs all have a forum to comment on the staff writer's article but what is unique is we want our members to be a guest star, just like a Yankee superstar if you may. Bronx Bomber Blues (BBB) has created the ability for its members to share their own Yankees story in our sites headline news as a Guest Author with full Author controls to post their own article of their interest surrounding the topic of the New York Yankees.

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"Mr. Suitor who is an innovator on the internet in multiple companies including his position as a former CEO prior to his creation of Bronx Bomber Blues due to his passion as both deep appreciation for MLB and his love of  the New York Yankees in particular. Mr. Suitor states " As a lifelong Yankees fan I envisioned myself wearing the pinstripes like many boys growing up since a young child.  I do realize that only a minute percentage of the world population ever has the ability to play baseball in the Major Leagues

Mr. Suitor adds " I quickly found out I lacked the skill set to play pro baseball but that did not stop me from trying or losing my dream. I just had to achieve it in other areas".  "Creating Bronx Bomber Blues has helped Mr. Suitor's vision of that achievement come true."

A former HS Coach and coach of organized league ball Mr. Suitor has helped a number of athletes realize their athletic dreams. Mr. Suitor sites "less than three in fifty or about 5.6 percent of high school senior boys interscholastic baseball players go onto play baseball at an NCAA college institution".

"Out of which only about 10.5%  of senior NCAA male baseball players will get drafted by a Major League Team  Those percentages grow even smaller to those in the minor league to ever make it to the MLB as far majority never do."

Mr. Suitor goes on to say "Although I can not help those who have a dream of staring for the New York Yankees I can certainly make them a star for New York Yankees fan-based Bronx Bomber Blues Yankee fan baseball blog portal as a guest author."

Mr. Suitor says "If then your bat cannot be heard in the seats of Yankee Stadium your stories, your opinion, your thoughts of operating the Yankees can be expressed as a Yankees star in front of our captive live Online Audience. Maybe you wish to write a story about how you became a Yankee fan. Perhaps you would like to share your experience of meeting a Yankees player, a Yankees coach or Yankee management, We want to hear your story help you to be our special star"

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"We really only started a soft launch on the site about two weeks" Adds Mr. Suitor. We have our core of steady dedicated site members who are on the site day and night." chatting and posting Yankee stories and news."  "According to our Google Analytics recently installed since Bronx Bomber Blues soft launch, we have observed between 400 to 500 identified members pass through our portal according to our Google Analytics recorded statistics" " This is an exciting start for our new baseball blog portal" Suitor optimistically added.

You may find out more about the Bronx Bomber Blues Yankees Guest Author Program on our online portal located at www.BronxBomberBlues.com it's quick easy fast and easy to join Bronx Bomber Blues at no cost then come ready to chat while you engage with other like-minded baseball or Yankee fans like you.

We operate on a strictly monitored and enforced chat sessions with posting rules and privacy policies of our site so you are never personally attacked merely for offering your viewpoint despite the fact it may not be the same as with other posting members who can debate with you without the personal attacks. We encourage healthy debate without trolling other members.

We hope you are as excited about Bronx Bomber Blues now that its time for your swing of the bat to make your next move and do join us by visiting

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