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Novel cooling fan airflow techniques to speed up laptops by 34% to 100%

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Improved ventilation of laptops enables CPU overclocking at maximum frequency

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia - eTradeWire -- Dr. Peter Achutha had been experimenting with cooling an old Samsung i7 2630QM 2.0 GHz laptop and managed to improve its speed (34% to 100%) under certain conditions. It was shown that the refurbished laptop could achieve 34% improvement in performance with novel cooling fan techniques during room temperature 32C (90F) operations.

He shows, in the attached video, the cooling techniques and the design changes he would love to see in future laptops eg double decker design. He had pushed the CPU to run at its maximum overclocking frequency of 2.6 GHz at room temperature of 32C (90F). The first part of the video is about replacing dried up heat sink paste that improved the CPU speed by about 25% to 34% - Cinebench R20 score improvement from 400 to 539. The second part of the video is about the ventilation modifications to the laptop and novel cooling techniques he tried to implement to boost the laptop performance and a proposed double decker design to implement these improvements.

The old un-refurbished laptop took 1 hour, 12 minutes and 52 seconds (4371 seconds) to export a 1.5GB video file using Filmora9. After refurbishment and modified fan cooling, it took Filmora9 37 minutes and 6 seconds (2226 seconds) to export the same video file. That is the laptop became 1.96 times or 100% faster and doubled in speed at room temperature of 32C (90F). The laptop had achieved a Cinebench R20 score of 724.

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He says, "Comparing the laptop performance before refurbishment and after refurbishment with improved fan cooling, the laptop performance almost doubled. The CPU could not run at much higher frequencies than 2.6GHz. With the additional ventilation or fan cooling proposed, would the refurbished laptop have run 50% faster? Could it have reached an overclocking frequency of 3.0GHz if it was allowed to? That is a Cinebench R20 score improvement from 539 to 808 or 835. I do hope the next generation of laptops will have the double decker design to make them as powerful as desktops."

For more information and other related issues please view http://drpetersnews.com/laptop-refurbished-cpu-overheating-with-novel-cooling-techniques-other-errors.php

The video is at https://www.youtube.com/embed/TMnmUgjTFj4

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