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New Home Decor Collection from Five | Six Textiles Celebrates West African Ikat Pattern

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Five | Six Textiles, a design brand dedicated to creating beautifully handcrafted home textiles in collaboration with a weaving collective in West Africa, launched their newest collection Monday titled The Ikat Series.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. - eTradeWire -- The Ikat Series examines the concept of design collaboration - this time between the Master weaver and Master dyer. One of the most ubiquitous and oldest fabric decoration processes, Ikat is a form of resist dyeing - or tie-dyeing - where the warp and/or weft threads are hand-dyed before weaving, creating patterns dictated by the alignment of threads by the weaver before placement on the loom.

Playing with the warm and earthy color palette characteristic of Waraniéné, where the weavers live and work, this collection is rooted in the comfort of the home. A rusted red and sage green are new editions to the Five | Six's color palette along with bright yet muted blues, indigo, golden ochre, and the ecru characteristic of their signature raw cotton. The patterns utilized - Cari Cari and Siri Siri  - embrace the blurred simplicity of warp Ikat design.

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The Damiye throw, made of thick hand-spun cotton is the weaver's modern take on the checkerboard pattern of ecru and, a not quite black, not quite blue, charcoal color. Masters of composition, the geometric motifs are tightly woven, somewhere between abstraction and decorative, personifying modern elegance with a texture similar to raw silk.

Rooted in the belief that textiles are the threads that connect the past to the future, each piece from Five | Six Textiles marries traditional West African weaving techniques with modern design aesthetics. This collaboration celebrates this permeable craft, meaning each design is created from the exchange with the one that came before.

"What better way to create the perfect home collection, than to go back to the home of where these textiles come from. The pattern Siri Siri was one of the first motifs we worked on with the Master weavers while building Five | Six with them. Five | Six has always been rooted in the art of conversation and collaboration. The home is the heart of that and the technical process of Ikat personifies its essence. Not only do the weavers and dyers collaborate, but the warp and weft threads of the loom build up a visual conversation that results in the final pattern." - Emma Wingfield, Co-Founder, Five I Six Textiles

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Five | Six also recently launched a non-profit arm, Five | Six Project (https://www.fiveandsixproject.org/) which focuses on textile arts education and preservation in and around Waraniéné in Northern Côte d'Ivoire. 10% of profit from every purchase from this collection and all Five I Six products goes to support these non-profit initiatives.

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