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New DIY Product Enables Families to Include Care For Their Beloved Pets in Their Will

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Furr-ever Prepared Pet Estate Will Addendum (codicils) is the world's-first DIY pet will kit that's affordable, easy to use, and for any family pet. Furr-ever Prepared Pet Estate Will Addendum (codicils) are available in the United States and Canada

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - eTradeWire -- LifePet.Care has launched the world's first DIY Pet Will kit under their Furr-Ever Prepared brand.

The Pet Estate Will Addendum (codicils) kits, which are available in the United States and Canada, allows pet owners to include for the care of their furry friends in their wills by appointing both pet guardians and pet trustee to ensure that their family pets continue to have a good quality of care when their owners are no longer with them.

The product, called "Furr-ever Prepared Pet Estate Will Addendum (codicils) ," is designed to help pet owners create a legal document that outlines their wishes for the care of their pets after their death. This can include instructions on who will be responsible for the pet's care, how they will be cared for, and how any funds set aside for the pet's care should be used.

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A pet trust administrator can be appointed to ensure that the pet guardian is adhering to the wishes of the will. LifePet.Care also provides pet administrative services and can act as pet trustees.

"Our goal is to provide pet owners with a simple and affordable way to ensure their pets are taken care of after they pass away," said Robert Greene, Co-Founder of LifePet.Care. "We understand that pets are family members, and we want to help pet owners provide for their pets in the same way they would provide for their human family members."

The "Furr-ever Prepared Pet Estate Will Addendum (codicils)" kits are available to pet owners of all kinds, whether they own dogs, cats, birds, or any other type of animal. The  DIY kit is a PDF file with instruction guides and budget worksheets which can be downloaded, printed, and attached to any will.

To learn more about "Furr-ever Prepared Pet Estate Will Addendum (codicils)" kits please visit https://lifepet.care/for-pet-owners

LifePet.Care is a pet care administration company that oversees the care for animals at the request of owners as stipulated in their estate plan or will. They also offer pet and pet guardian  assessment services and DIY pet service products to the public.

Robert Christofle, Communications Specialist

Source: LifePet.Care
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