New class of aspirational jigsaw puzzles infuses self-improvement into entertainment

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'Aspire Puzzles' draws from neuroscience research to build puzzles geared toward personal growth and empowerment

MINNEAPOLIS - eTradeWire -- A person can spend anywhere from three to 10 hours to complete the average puzzle.

A new class of jigsaw puzzles with embedded affirmations aims to leverage neuroscience research to feed positive affirmations to the conscious and subconscious mind in the hours spent completing a puzzle.

"Aspire Puzzles" center on brain science research and the self-image: the belief that a person's thoughts, whether positive or negative, can influence their experiences.

Evidence suggests that unlike other diversions, jigsaw puzzles engage both sides of the brain simultaneously, creating a relaxed and focused "alpha state" that allows for positive affirmations to be more readily assimilated into a person's mind and identity.

Aspire's unique puzzles were designed to combine powerful images and focus words to change a person's mindset, shaping a more positive and purpose-driven self-image.

The family-owned-and-operated company was founded by Todd Luebke, who built Aspire Puzzles with a simple mission to help others through play.

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"These aren't your mom's jigsaw puzzles," Luebke said. "The basic premise of our puzzles is to use them as tools for self-improvement by training a person's focus not only on completing a puzzle but absorbing positive and aspirational ideas in the process. We want to help people complete themselves, one piece at a time."

The company's patent-pending "Integrated Affirmation Matrix" combines fun and science to create deep personal transformation.

Aspire Puzzles leverages the brain science behind puzzle play to reframe the self-image. During the course of assembling a puzzle, the user will see affirmations thousands of times as they sort and assemble, all while the brain is harmonized and in a flow state.

"We're taking affirmation practices to a new level," Luebke said. "Instead of boring verbal repetition while in a critical state of mind, the person engages in a fun and relaxing activity conducive to suggestion."

Aspire Puzzles currently offers three puzzle designs, with more planned for release in the near future.

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