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New Children's Book - The Tale Of Calypso The Creative Crab By Charis Papalas

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NEW YORK - eTradeWire -- Author Charis Papalas is pleased to announce the release of his new children's book, The Tale Of Calypso The Creative Crab: Cancer. This is the fourth book in The Zodiac Tales series.

The Tale of Calypso, The Creative Crab, is about a goofy and artistic little crab who lives on the rebellious side of life.

Our story begins on Christmas Island, a small floating piece of land at the edge of the Indian Ocean. Unlike the other crabs in her tribe, Calypso was born with one smaller claw. Her unique appearance has always made her conscious that she would never fit in with the other crabs or accomplish what they have.

Yet, Calypso would not let her quirks hold her back in life. Cancers are governed by the moon, which means they can change their minds quickly and adapt to different situations.

Will young Calypso overcome the obstacles in her path and become the greatest dancer the world has ever seen?

The Zodiac Tales Series
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The Tale Of Santiago The Strong Bull: Taurus (Book Two)
The Tale Of Charlotte & Christien The Curious Deer: Gemini (Book Three)
The Tale Of Calypso The Creative Crab: Cancer (Book Four)

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About the Author:
Charis Papalas was born in Greece but raised abroad from a young age. In ancient Greece, astrologers only made horoscopes for the wealthy and for kings, the only people who could afford this luxury. Nowadays, stories and zodiacs are still of huge significance in Greek culture, and Charis's parents have diligently instilled their values throughout his childhood. Growing up surrounded by conversations revolving around people's zodiacs and moon signs, daily astrological forecasts on TV, and New-Year horoscope predictions, Charis is now hoping to impart parts of his culture to others through his endearing and captivating tales.

He currently resides in the cosmopolitan city of London, where he works in the often less exciting world of mobile media advertising. Outside of work, he spends most of his time highlighting how his friends and colleagues embody their zodiac stereotypes and has recently converted this passion into writing zodiac-centered children's stories.

When he's not writing, Charis enjoys watching anime, reading a good sci-fi book, or taking in the views of London while out rollerblading.

Website: https://thezodiactales.com/

The Zodiac Tales Series can be purchased online at Amazon.com and is also available in Kindle Unlimited.

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