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Neal Fox Composes Songs for the Awake—Not the Woke—in Upcoming Album, Unhinged

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Neal Fox as upcoming video character
These days, there is only one side. Censorship is shutting down the opposition, leaving some without a voice. This album speaks for them. Coming October 15.

SAFETY HARBOR, Fla. - eTradeWire -- Inspired by the events of 2020, Neal Fox's Unhinged, is for those who see things from a different perspective. They refuse to accept something simply because it repeats on an endless loop of copycat sound bites. Dropping October 15, just days after the songwriter's 74th birthday, Unhinged is a potent concept album. The lyrics of the title song encapsulate this turbulent time in history, and give a clue to the rest of the tracks (all written by Fox):

Was a year like no other
When the circus came to town
The Zebras all conspired
With the Freaks and with the Clowns

The mothers hid their children
From the Politician's cage
Some cowed in the corner
From the "Oh, so righteous rage"

Clown faces all distorted

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Like the words they had to shout
Their meanings all contorted
As they kicked the sane ones out

The papers had their orders
On the violence, they binged
They lit the fires of hatred
Then we all became UNHINGED


Then the Cheetahs found the weapons
And they started running wild
The Clowns came to help them
And they killed a baby child

The Politicians let them
When it served their greater plan
It was the same infectious virus
Ever since the world began

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Then they made us hide our faces
From our neck up to our eyes
Then they kicked us out of places
And they frightened us with lies

And the Circus grew in numbers
And the audience all cringed
As they watched from their cages
And they all became UNHINGED


Then the Party of Love and Peace
Said, "Let the show begin!"
And the animals and clowns
Said it's payback for your sins

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The destruction ruled the night
As the fires lit the sky
The people in their cages
Tried to find a reason why

The Law had their hands tied
They couldn't do a thing
The people sat and wondered
What the morning sun would bring

The News said "It's a Protest.
"That's why they burned it down."
They justified the looting, they justified the killing
It's payback, when the circus comes to town


For months the fire rages
As they watched the three ring act
But some had left their cages
And they found the balls they lacked

I can't tell you how it ended
How many lives the fire singed
All I know is what can happen
When the world becomes UNHINGED

Fox is the recipient of multiple awards for his music and films For more information please visit TheRealNealFox.com.

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Source: The Real Neal Fox
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