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NAX Project Pioneers AI-Generated Filmmaking with NAX AI

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NAX Films CEO, Sherry McCracken and Lead Artist Chris Hackett manage a team of filmmakers utilizing AI to create a series of short films for Entertainmint.

NEW YORK - eTradeWire -- The Never Alone Experience (NAX), led by Indie film veteran Sherry McCracken, is revolutionizing storytelling through its groundbreaking NAX+AI filmmaking initiative. This cutting-edge project unites artists Chris Hackett, Michael Finney, Alanna Wilcox, and Neal to blend expertise in artificial intelligence with traditional filmmaking to create compelling narrative films.

NAX Films CEO, Sherry McCracken said, "The future of independent film lies in community, a concept we're demonstrating by collaboratively creating films using Web 3 technologies. As artificial intelligence evolves so will the landscape of independent film!"

With NAX AI, the team aims to harness the power of artificial intelligence to craft immersive experiences that challenge traditional conventions. Alanna Wilcox, fresh off her third-place win in an AI video contest with Frogs Lament, brings a unique perspective to the team, while Neal's exploration of style and humor promises to add an exciting creative dimension to the project.

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NAX AI's Lead Artist, Chris Hackett said, "AI opens up a world of possibilities for storytellers. By fusing technology with our creative vision, we can craft stories that captivate audiences and push the boundaries of what's possible."

The fusion of AI and documentary filmmaking holds immense potential, allowing creators to bring historical events to life with unprecedented detail and realism. Documentarian Michael Finney is currently working on 1893 Chicago's Columbian Exposition to explore the potential of merging AI technology with the documentary format, opening new realms of storytelling.

The first phase of NAX+AI project is made possible by a grant from Entertainmint, a web3 streaming platform dedicated to empowering creators and their brands, enabling the team access to the Runway generative media platform. Entertainmint believes that exploring new methods with AI can grow the world of content creation and push the boundaries of what is possible in storytelling.

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The team has released its first video for the two-month series, a compilation piece with the theme "Rarity".


About the NAX Project

NAX is a Web3 film studio driven by a diverse and inclusive community of filmmakers and creators. Led by Sherry McCracken, it has already produced two successful narrative films and is now exploring AI-generated films under the NAX+AI umbrella. We collaborate, experiment, and share our learnings with the community.

For more information, visit https://twitter.com/NAXfilms

Source: NAX Films

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