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Nagamasa Global is Registering a High-Level Demand in Metal Products Trading

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Nagamasa Global reveals the digital metal marketplace rise of binding contracts completed over the platform

TOKYO, Japan - eTradeWire -- Nagamasa Global, a commodity broker that aims to offer the highest level of customer service and transaction capability required by today's sophisticated financial market participants, has announced a fourfold increase of metal products trade comparing with the same time frame of the past years. The increased demand resulted once the mission to provide innovative technology for the enhancement of buying-selling metal products was completed.

Nagamasa Global celebrated another launch anniversary and completed a 18 months of platform operations without technical time-off. A greater number of individual and corporate clients from all over the world are using Nagamasa Global for trading a diversified range of products. The platform enables interested parties to complete their contracts digitally and it gives them the opportunity to generate a more productive workflow. Another improvement is represented by the performance of the multi-delivery feature which was highly welcomed by the users and it was used by traders to complete their contracts exclusively over Nagamasa Global.

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It takes high-quality management to register significant increase and to achieve a common vision – creating a principal global marketplace for metals and becoming an innovative representative for the metals and mining industry. Nagamasa Global continues to benefit trading participants: buyers are taking advantage of modern tools to monitor the purchase process and to reach to suppliers at a global level while sellers are able to reduce their customer acquisition costs and facilitate the internal procedures. Through higher operational efficiency, Nagamasa Global reduces transaction costs for market users and directs the traditional metal industry into the digital age.

"We are looking for efficient cooperation, we are working with parties that have a strong understanding of the nature of the business goal they are trying to achieve. The significant increase can be attributed to a team of experts that have a common vision to create a digital marketplace which contributes to the development of an efficient industry," said Shogo Teru, Head of Commodities Trading.

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About Nagamasa Global

Nagamasa Global provides insights in the commodities markets to all market participants to allow them to make better business decisions with confidence. The firm includes a team of experienced financial and market advisors offering a vast list of services for small-scale businesses, individuals, corporate and governmental entities. The company is emerging as a trusted commodity broker with customers from different sectors looking for expertise in pricing, news, and analytics. The company focuses on feasibility more than anything else, and this is the reason it provides a wide array of products and services to its clients that allow them to better sustain their investments.


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