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museLIVE - The Future of Web3 Live Music

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Transforming Live Music and Creating Sustainable Income for Musicians

SAN FRANCISCO - eTradeWire -- In the age of music streaming, it can be difficult to find a live music experience that is unique and intimate. museLIVE has solved this problem by providing the world's first Web3 live music platform with lossless audio and direct voice chats between musicians and fans. This allows every concert experience to be unique and boosts Live Music NFT and ticket sales. With the release of their beta product, museLIVE is changing the way we experience live music. Visit their website to learn more!

Their aim is to create a better live music industry for all by providing artists with new ways to monetize their performances and engage with their fans, as well as developing an efficient workflow that benefits everyone involved in the process. In addition to the core features of the platform, museLIVE also has a number of other important benefits that make it a powerful tool for both artists and fans. For example, the platform will be completely community-owned through a DAO, which means the musicians and fans decide on how much platform fees will be taken to redistribute for app development, marketing, etc. This allows artists to have control of their earnings, which is a significant advantage compared to traditional live music platforms. In addition, museLIVE will provide artists with complete control over their data, ensuring that their personal information remains safe and secure. Finally, the team behind museLIVE is constantly innovating and introducing new features to the platform, making it one of the most exciting and promising Web3 projects in the space.

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museLIVE is excited to announce the release of their beta product! This innovative new platform provides a unique and intimate live music experience, thanks to its lossless audio and direct voice chats between musicians and fans.

For more information, visit http://muse.live/ today!

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