Membership Programs Vs. Coaching Programs Vs. Paid Subscriptions

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These new business trends are making great money for their owners. But have you ever compared them?

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But the upside of a subscription service, like a paid newsletter, is that you remove:

- Hours on the phone are required in the coaching model.
- Logistics and management time that membership sites require.

What is a Life Coach?
Lifestyle gurus advise people on how they can make themselves happier through changes in their lifestyle. Life coaches guide their clients to improve their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. Life coaches work with individuals who are looking to create a pathway to reaching set goals.

Prospecting with phone calls. Hands down this is the most challenging aspect of life coaching. You will spend hundreds of hours playing phone tag. Often the person you are calling is simply looking to pitch you their product or service. It can be draining. And even if you decide to hire a team (another challenge because of the constant churn) you will need to make the calls initially to know what to expect.

Maintaining Boundaries. One of the hardest aspects of life coaching is the dependency issue. Your clients tend to depend on you and blame you for their lack of results.

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Avoiding Imposter Syndrome. Many new life coaches never get over the imposter syndrome. Even after paying for their expensive training to become a life coach they still feel uneasy about the fees and their expertise.

Coaching requires a lot of time and patience. You wind up providing personal mentorship to dozens of people if you have success.

High Ticket Fees. The high ticket price tag that you are being told to charge can become a problem:

You may feel uncomfortable asking for these high fees.
You are encouraged to extend the refund period (sometimes as long as a year!). But shaky clients will often do the "family emergency" refund. Since your fees are so high this can have a huge impact on your bottom line.
It can take so long to get your life coaching business going that you become frustrated and give up!

Everyone is not coachable. This is a fact that you are destined to discover through many hours on the phone. Insincere students ultimately want you to solve all of their problems for them.

What is a Membership Website?

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