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Measure Voltage and Current Using a Data Logger

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CLEVELAND - eTradeWire -- Mastering AC and DC Current and Voltage Measurements

Data logging measures voltage and current in equipment like solar cells and batteries, with CAS offering a helpful guide.

AC Voltage and Current Data Loggers:

Data loggers measure voltage and current for AC applications, and a Universal Input Data Logger can be used with transducers.

AC Voltage Measurements:
  • AC Voltage Transducers – You can find standard AC voltage transducers for measuring AC line voltages from 110 to 480 VAC, with specialized models for low and very high voltages.
  • AC Voltage signal conditioner modules – If your application requires the measurement of small AC voltages or a large number of channels, 5B series signal conditioner modules are available with 100 mVAC to 700VAC  inputs.
  • AC Voltage Isolators – Voltage isolators provide scaled output voltage related to input voltage for recording AC waveforms.
AC Current Measurements:
  • AC Current transducers – To measure AC current for a power line-connected device, use an AC transducer for data logging.
  • Clamp-on current sensors – Clamp-on current sensors come in various models for DC or AC voltage outputs, easy to use, and portable for temporary installations.
  • Split-core transformers – Split-core transformers are clamp-on current sensors for semi-permanent use. They fit around a conductor and can provide AC or DC output.
  • Rogowski coils – The Rogowski coil is used to measure AC current by inducing a proportional voltage and is ideal for high amp measurements.
DC Voltage and Current Data Loggers:

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For DC applications, use Electrocorder DC-3VA to measure voltage and current, and for flexibility use a data logger.

DC Voltage Measurements:
  • Attenuators – To measure high DC voltage with a data logger, use an attenuator. It's a simple and low-cost solution for voltages below 50 VDC, but not recommended for hazardous levels above that.
  • DC voltage transducers – DC voltage transducers convert voltage for data loggers, measuring small and high inputs.
  • Signal conditioner modules – The 5B series signal conditioner modules provide up to 1500 volts of isolation and amplification/attenuation, ideal for multi-channel systems.
DC Current Measurements:
  • Current Shunts – A current shunt, with known resistance, measures current by creating a voltage drop. It handles 5-1000 amps and outputs 0-0.100 volts. Use on low side, not for extended periods over 2/3 rated current.
  • DC Current Transducers – DC current transducers use Hall Effect sensor for contactless current measurement. They have limited resolution for lower currents but work well for higher currents.
For more information on how to measure voltage and current using a data logger, or to find the ideal solution to your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Application Specialist at 800-956-4437 or visit us at https://www.dataloggerinc.com.

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