Magniflex Introduces Antiviral and Antibacterial Collection

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The MagniProtect mattress, mattress topper, and pillows have a cover in ViroStop fabric

MIAMI - eTradeWire -- Magniflex, the renowned mattress manufacturer from Italy, has always had innovation in its DNA, as the success, accolades, and certifications obtained over the years prove, and the goal has always been to introduce innovative solutions to common issues that affect the quality of our sleep. As a response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Magniflex conducted scientific and technological research in collaboration with prominent experts in order to produce MagniProtect: an antiviral and antibacterial collection that uses the revolutionary ViroStop fabric.

The presence of four factors – heat, moisture, fats, and proteins – which are present in human sweat, help viruses and bacteria proliferate. ViroStop, which is exclusive to Magniflex, is a unique combination of the vesicle and silver-based technologies designed to combat these factors and inhibit the growth and persistence of bacteria and viruses on fabric.

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The Italian made MagniProtect collection includes mattresses, toppers, and pillows that are manufactured using ViroStop fabric, which gives the fabrics effective protection against viruses and bacteria. They're effective against common viruses like the flu and coronavirus and can destroy viruses and bacteria by up to 99% in just a few minutes. By relying on the properties of silver as a powerful antiviral and antibacterial material they're able to provide effective protection against contaminants that use fabric as the host surface.

The ViroStop fabric used in MagniProtect has been independently tested in the United States to determine the effectiveness of the fabric against human coronavirus. The results of the testing concluded that ViroStop effectively met the requirements to destroy viruses and bacteria and no further contamination occurred.

The MagniProtect mattress offers a medium-firm comfort level with the support that ensures proper posture to every part of the body by targeting seven differentiated areas. The 2-inch mattress topper offers a medium-soft comfort that is made up of padding in hypoallergenic fiber, Memoform, and super soft fiber. The pillows in the MagniProtect collection, which are available in a standard and wave design, offer a medium-soft comfort.

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As with all Magniflex products, MagniProtect has received the highest Oeko-Tex rating of Standard 100 and STeP Certification, meaning it is free from formaldehyde, toxic chemicals, off-gassing and foul odors, and CFC's and VOC's that are harmful to both people and the environment.

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