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LSUS Dean & Professor Violate Students' 1st Amendment Rights Nationwide

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Dr. Jeff St. John PhD
Dr. Jeff St. John vs. LSUS to Protect All Students' Rights to Free Speech

LOS ANGELES - Sept. 5, 2018 - eTradeWire -- By Dr. Jeff St. John PhD


Can violating students' 1st Amendment Rights to free speech be legitimately touted as a nationwide "teaching style" instead of an illegal activity? It can't. Yet this is what one LSUS Dean calls her Associate Professor's pervasive actions of deleting in-class posts of a graduate student requesting necessary, additional educational material for upcoming exam(s). In responding to the professor's repeated threats to delete students' posts, this student notified the professor in an online discussion that she was violating all students' Constitutional 1st Amendment Rights to free speech and the education for which they paid for this nationwide online course. The professor promptly deleted this post too.

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Over this Labor Day Weekend, when most celebrated the efforts of hard working Americans, Los Angeles graduate student, Dr. Jeff St. John, in the MHA Program at LSUS, lodged his complaint to the Dean about the Econ Professor's ongoing threats and violations of all students' 1st Amendment Rights. In an online response, the Dean asserted her backing of Professor's decision to "limit" students' involvement, calling the Professor's actions a "teaching style". She further claimed that the Professor did nothing wrong and was within her purview to violate the Constitutional 1st Amendment Rights of the nationwide students which LSUS teaches in its online MHA Program.

On Labor Day weekend when we honored hardworking Americans struggle to survive and thrive, how in good conscience could this LSUS Dean and Econ Professor raise the price of MHA tuition of such hardworking Americans to include the forfeiture of their US Constitutional Right to free speech? More importantly, where does it end? It seems both are happy to let it rest in a hostile work-environment where the same US Constitutional Rights, which Americans have fought and died for, hold no merit at LSUS. Is this what the Econ Professor means when she states in her LSUS bio, "Everything you do makes an impression, so make sure you are leaving the kind of impression you want to be remembered by"?

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For more info contact Dr. Jeff St. John: (310) 413-0332 DrJeffStJohn@gmail.com
Dr. Jeff St. John's bio: https://careersinpsychology.org/interview/jeff-st-john/

Dr. Jeff St. John PhD

Source: Dr. Jeff St. John PhD
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