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Love Cute Cat Greeting Cards? Now There's a Site Just for All You Cat Lovers!

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In a delightful merging of artistry and affection for felines, an innovative artist known simply as able6 has recently launched a website that is quickly becoming the go-to destination for cat lovers everywhere.

WASHINGTON - eTradeWire -- CuteCatCards.com is a vibrant online boutique that specializes in greeting cards featuring arguably some of the cutest and most humorous cat images found on the internet.

The Artist and the Inspiration

able6, whose unique pseudonym has piqued as much interest as his artwork, began his journey as a digital artist with a passion for animals, particularly cats. His work, characterized by vibrant colors and expressive feline characters, captures the quirky and endearing qualities of cats. Driven by the belief that every emotion can be enhanced by a cat, able6 embarked on creating a platform dedicated solely to cat-themed greeting cards.

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What CuteCatCards.com Offers

CuteCatCards.com caters to a wide range of occasions. From heartfelt thank you notes to warm sympathy cards, from joyous wedding congratulations to cheerful birthday wishes, each card is crafted with the intent to both amuse and touch the hearts of recipients and senders alike.

Thank You Cards: Featuring whimsical cats holding gifts or writing notes, these cards use puns like "I'm not kitten around, thank you so much!" to create a memorable thank-you message.

I'm Not Kitten Around Thank You Card:


Sympathy Cards
: For more somber moments, the sympathy cards depict serene and comforting images of cats, offering peace and solace in times of loss.

Wedding Cards: Celebratory and often humorous, the wedding cards might show cats mischievously playing with wedding rings or dressed in bridal attire, perfect for the couple who shares a love for humor and cats.

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Birthday Cards: The birthday cards are perhaps the most vibrant, with cats in party hats, lounging in boxes, or popping out of cakes, embodying the playful spirit of a joyful celebration.

The Creative Process

able6's creative process involves a deep understanding of feline dynamics and a keen eye for design. He starts with hand-drawn sketches, which are then digitized and enhanced with graphic design tools to bring out the lively personalities of his cat characters. Each card is designed to evoke emotion through its imagery and text, ensuring that it resonates with its audience.

Whether you're a cat enthusiast or simply in search of a card that stands out, CuteCatCards.com offers a unique blend of charm, humor, and quality that promises to leave a lasting impression.


Source: CuteCatCards.com
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