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Kyle Stabell of Colorado still loves Adrianna Alvarado

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DENVER - eTradeWire -- Adrianna please call me, I have been looking everywhere for you and contacting everyone who might know your current phone number.

‪(303) 630-9501‬

I was in my 20s and I thought I would look young forever, I didn't believe you, but now I'm in my 30s and if I stay up all night and don't drink water I look 39 or 40 easily. I'm not afraid anymore.

When you called months ago I wanted to go back with you more than anything but I was stuck in Mexico in a situation. I lived there for 3 years in a lot of cities, even in CDMX (Mexico City). I went down there when we broke up and you were right, I was looking for you and no one is like you. That was just some stupid Chilanga who grabbed the phone away from me when you called, I was only dating her so I could meet people in the Telenovela industry in Mexico. You were smarter than her anyways, spelling doesn't matter. She deleted your phone number so I couldn't call you back.

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I don't look like the pictures of me online where I have red hair. I accidentally dyed my hair red and I had to wait before I could dye it another color. My hair is black now but I can change it to any color for you.

Here are recent pictures of me:


My phone number:

‪(303) 630-9501‬

Press Release Information (Please Disregard)
Kyle currently lives in Colorado, Stabell is not the correct spelling of his last name. He currently lives in Lakewood. Contact Kyle at the phone number provided in this press release. Other misspellings of his name include Staybell, Stabel, and Stable.

Kyle Stabell

Source: Kyle S. Colorado
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