KuneoKoei.com: "It is plausible that our remaining resources can be retrofitted for war patronage."

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Aiming towards the end of all commentary & remarks revolving around statements published in favor of "Standing up," to external distributors, licensees, & publishers regarding urges to adopt activism for 'Racism' & civil-unrest, KUNEO KOEI fortifies

NEW YORK - eTradeWire -- Entrenched in a battle deemed "Not of their own volition,"--KUNEO KOEI, a master sound-recording rights-controller and Music-entertainment Licensor, has expressed several stances pertaining to what the company deems a "Race baiting," operation by particular associated-entities through which they've been urged to auto-associate with callings for unspecified guilt, admissions of privilege, and adoption to facilitate support for racial-causes and civil-unrest.

New statements indicate that the company, maintaining its fortification against corporate (and potentially governmental) activism has intentions to retrofit any portion of its operations for wartime patronage, primarily against unconstitutional parties and demands in-whole.

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"It is plausible that our remaining resources can be retrofitted for war patronage," KUNEO KOEI business-leaders explained, "It's not crazy or unjustified. Onlookers need view no further than the fiasco between Black Lives Matter and Target, or the infiltration of agenda representatives, akin to what some of our distributors and so on have fallen prey to."

"Whether in the name of trying to control language or outright just control people and businesses, standing up and further fortifying against what may come is simply put, wise."

"Some say, what if perhaps nothing comes and we are all somehow saved? Well, that would be excellent and a far cry from how things are right now, in real time, so with that in mind, our allocations and resources could realistically be converted into assets for war, protection of communities, and patriot patronage, for lack of better expressions, but we believe viewing audiences will understand."

"A battle, not of our own volition, to defend against unconstitutional parties and related demands, is where we seem to stand."

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KUNEO KOEI is a master sound-recording rights-controller and Music-entertainment Licensor, issuing a variety of titles which includes Songs ranging many genres and styles such as Classical, Electro, Pop/Rock, and 8/16-Bit sequences (a.k.a. Chiptunes). -- All Sound-Recordings are available wherever Audio is sold and are ready for placement in Film, Television, Video-Games and similar productions.

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