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Kuester Management Group Offers Strategies for Boosting HOA Meeting Attendance

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Kuester Management Group reflects on ways the HOA board can encourage homeowners to get more involved and attend meetings.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - eTradeWire -- HOAs are required to hold meetings to vote on important business and keep homeowners informed about what is happening within the community. The frequency of these meetings can vary depending on each association's governing documents. Kuester Management Group has released a statement to the press regarding ideas to increase interest and attendance.

"Achieving quorum is essential when it comes to HOA meetings," says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. "Without enough voting members present, no official business can be conducted. Decisions are delayed and time is wasted when meetings have to be rescheduled due to low turnout."

Strive to find a time that fits a majority of people's schedules, says Kuester. It is impossible to please everyone, but if most people are free on a Wednesday evening or Sunday afternoon, then plan for that. Choose a convenient location and give plenty of advanced notice so that members can arrange childcare or schedule other obligations around the meeting. If possible, offer a virtual attendance option as well.

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Promote meetings across multiple channels to reach as many members as possible. Use newsletters, flyers, emails, text, social media, the HOA website, and common areas. Share the agenda ahead of time so members know exactly what topics will be discussed. This can spark their interest if there is something they want to hear more about or if a certain issue has been a hot topic.

Giving an estimated end time can be advantageous as well. If members know the meeting will only be an hour, it sets more reasonable expectations. However, it is important then for the board to plan accordingly and stay on task to keep to those timeframes.

"The board can also enhance the incentive to attend by tying the meeting into a social event afterward," says Kuester. "Set up an ice cream sundae bar, game night, pool party, or something else fun and low-cost to generate more interest."

Kuester Management Group assists HOAs in coordinating meetings, managing communications, and implementing procedures to drive efficiency and effectiveness. Learn more about the company and its services by visiting www.kuester.com.

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Kuester Management Group, a division of Kuester Companies, works to protect property values and enhance the quality of life in each of its managed communities. Providing a full range of association management services, Kuester Management Group has worked to foster strong, resilient, and unified communities across North and South Carolina. The company is proud to offer on-site property managers, all zealous for building strong communities meant to stand the test of time. More information is available at www.kuester.com or @KuesterCompany.

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