Keeping You and Your Dog Safe While on the Road During Holiday Travels

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Many people are beginning to make travel arrangements to visit friends and family to celebrate the festivities.

MATAWAN, N.J. - Nov. 2, 2018 - eTradeWire -- Before you hit the road this year, freshen up on some pet travel safety tips to ensure a joyful trip for all!

Practice Makes "Paw-fect": If your dog is not use to long-distant car rides, it may be best to do some practice drives to get him or her familiar with being on the road. You can even familiarize them with the car while it's parked in your driveway. Simply bring a ball or their favorite toy inside and play with them in the back seat. Do this for a few minutes every day leading up to the trip. This will help them to see the car as a positive and fun thing.

Pack the Essentials: Before you set out, make sure your pet's ID tags and/or microchip is up-to-date. Be sure to pack plenty of food, toys, poop bags, leash, collar, brush, treats, bed, blanket, etc. A pet first-aid-kit is also a must! Having familiar items that they love will help comfort them if the trip becomes long and stressful.

Limit Food Intake: Travel can upset a pet's stomach and excess food can make things much worse. It's important to limit how much you feed your pet on the road. Sharing fast food with your canine is a big no-no! Do not give in to those begging puppy eyes. Packing a few jugs of water to have on hand is also important. Although its cold out, hydration is crucial!

Buckle Up: When dogs are riding in the car, you should buckle them up just as you would your small children. Driving without properly restraining your pet can be potentially dangerous for the driver, the dog, passengers and others on the road. The backseat is the safest place for your canine to be and you should use a harness that can easily and securely attach to a seatbelt.

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Did you know that it's illegal to drive with a dog unrestrained in some states? New Jersey recently passed a law that requires drivers to restrain pets inside their cars. This means pets can't lean their heads out of windows or sit in drivers' laps. If a pet owner disobeys this law, they can be fined anywhere from $250-$1000, or even a disorderly offence under animal cruelty. While New Jersey has the strictest regulations regarding pet-safety on the road, plenty of other states have laws about safe animal transport. With this said, regardless of where you are traveling this holiday, be sure to properly restrain your pet to ensure everyone is safe and out of trouble!

Take Breaks: It's so important to get out of the car as much as you can! A road trip with a dog may slow down your travels a bit so be sure to take that into consideration before departure. Your canine needs time to get out, burn off some energy, go to the bathroom and stretch their legs. A 15-30 minute break every few hours is best. Whether you are stopping at a rest stop, park, woods or the side of the road, please remember to be extremely vigilant of your surroundings. Both you and your dog will be entering new territory and there could be lots of hazards around – especially at night. Other animals, vehicles, broken glass or ice patches are all potential dangers to be mindful of.  There's less daylight during the winter months, so be sure to bring a lighting device of some sort so that you could see your surroundings at all times.

Before hitting the road with your beloved pet this holiday season, consider purchasing a Headlight Harness. Invented by a New Jersey couple, Marilyn and Peter Pianelli, Headlight Harness provides dog owners with a clever solution to brighten up any path to see the area ahead. Highly reflective, water resistant and light weight; Headlight Harness is the perfect harness to utilize during a road trip for numerous reasons. The Integrated, Focused Beam LED in the chest projects light up to 100ft and lights up the path ahead while making you and your dog visible to everyone in the area. Available in various colors, sizes and ranging in price from $59.99 – $69.95, additional features include:

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• Patent Pending Headlight Harness design with 80 lumen LED!

• Ideal everyday dog harness that is easy to fit and put on.

• Two (2) leash attachment points for more control.

• Customizable fit courtesy of four points of adjustment.

• Padded mesh chest and belly section for maximum comfort and range of motion.

• Highly Reflective trim for added safety.

• Utilizes a commonly available 9V battery (*Included).

A size chart is available on the Headlight Harness website ( Sizes runs in XS (up to 10lbs) through XXL (up to 200lbs).

Another perk is that Headlight Harness keeps your pet secure in any vehicle. For those traveling by car, simply sit your canine on the seat and run the seatbelt through the sturdy handle on the back before buckling them in for a safe, secure and calm trip.

Headlight Harness is a road trip essential that tackles two major safety concerns: nighttime walking and properly restraining your pup while driving. It's a great way to follow the law and keep everyone safe during your excursions this holiday season and beyond!

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