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July 4th, 1776 -- Koei/Tama Cites 'Zero Hedge' "Orwellian" 'Twitter' Coverage In Conspiracy-Fact

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The Kuneo Koei Company & Takeo Tama Brand Erect A Comparison "For the masses," Both Educational & Shocking As They Draw "Orwell fact," From 'ZeroHedge' Article Covering 'Twitter' Offensive & Non-Inclusive Terms - Declared - Banning/Censorship Efforts

ST. LOUIS - eTradeWire -- Having arrived at intersections squaring divisive culture, language, and societal-structuring battles against their own volition and spirit, Koei/Tama co. ind. ventures int. has entered a new phase in its struggle to remain a 'Freedom of Expression' and 'no holds barred Freedoms' dominant-hub.

Using their most prominent "tool of citation" as one last remaining shield against "total" censorship and civil-breakdown, the enterprise plugs a ZeroHedge.com article titled:

Twitter Ditches "Offensive" Non-Inclusive Terms Such As "Whitelist", "Man Hours" And "He, Him, His"

"If nothing changes then at some point, total censorship and civil breakdown are just par for the course," KOEI/TAMA representatives explained, "And in our crossing battles revolving around race, societal structuring, language, and culture, all has simply surpassed our own volition and spirit, without a hitch."

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"It's such a damning realization but clearly, not enough people are taking the cues and either getting ready or taking a stand against many negative happenings that may assists an inevitable takeover of the North American nation."

"There's this Zero Hedge article, outlining the Twitter censoring aspect on language and meaning and quite frankly, it paints many fears and notions of Orwellian fiction as conspiracy fact."

"From July fourth, seventeen seventy six to now, clearly, we got here fast. Our ultimate tool of citation imprisons us. For the masses we have, Orwell fact?"

Audiences are encouraged to read the amended-article via:



KOEI/TAMA co. ind. ventures int. is a creator, distributor, licensing-party, and publisher of interactive-"audio" downloads and streams, primarily marketed for 'current'-generation console and handheld devices as well as song/music play-providers across the globe.

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Koei/Tama co. ind. ventures int.

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