JMAC Shares the Importance of Blocks as a Defensive Art Form

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. - eTradeWire -- Are you studying karate in Ann Arbor?

Want to learn how to defend yourself?

Karate isn't just about punching and kicking, but learning how to defend yourself in real-world situations.

Here are a few common blocks you will learn when practicing karate:

Blocks: Defense as an Art Form
In Karate, defense is as crucial as offense, and blocks are the shield against incoming attacks.

● High Block (Jodan Uke): Used to defend against overhead strikes, such as punches or downward kicks.
● Middle Block (Chudan Uke): Employed to intercept mid-level attacks, such as punches or roundhouse kicks.
● Low Block (Gedan Barai): Designed to protect against low kicks or sweeps aimed at the legs or lower body.

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Study Karate in Ann Arbor with JMAC
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While practical application is essential, understanding the history of your practice allows you to develop a deeper appreciation for the skillset you are studying.

To learn more about karate in Ann Arbor, contact JMAC!

About Japanese Martial Arts Center: Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, JMAC is an authentic Japanese martial arts facility that focuses on karate, judo, Nihon jujutsu, and iaido serving the Ann Arbor, Dexter, Chelsea, Pinckney, and Canton areas as well as all Southeast Michigan. Experienced instructors train the mind, body, and spirit of members at an individualized pace, offering martial arts to both experienced and inexperienced students.


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