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Is There Really An Emperor Of The Omniverse Like The Character In Star Wars?

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Are dark energy, and dark matter alive? What energy holds the most power?

LAS VEGAS - eTradeWire -- By: Mooka Da'knowledge

"Only five percent of the universe is visible.
The rest of the universe appears to be made of a mysterious, invisible substance called dark matter." - National Geographic

In the year of 1977, a film called Star Wars grossed 513 million worldwide. This film was made by a man named George Lucas. He was influenced by a man named Joseph John Campbell, a professor of literature at Sarah Lawrence College. The spiritual aspects within the film Star Wars were molded after the literature, and theoretical thought of Mr. Campbell say's Lucas. Some of the researched information that was done by Joseph Campbell are the following: the eternal source is constantly providing energies into all creation. God is a mystery as a metaphor. That mystery is beyond the understanding of all human thought. According to ancient predynastic Egyptian ledgers, the first order is the Ennead, an ultraviolet light dark-order manifesting as natural nature-green light. The Ogdoad is a reflective opposite of green light as red amber light-of-disorder. UnNatural nature-shadow forces of white visible light. These celestial beings can be rebellious ones against the first order. Then there is Atum the one. Ruler over all. The one, all encompassing universal light. That is ever existent. This ancient data was incorporated into the Star Wars' franchise. The great spherical orb called the death star was called the Atet in predynastic Egypt. A thought expressed by a scientist called Albert Einstein, was that empty dark outer space is not empty. We don't know what dark matter is, but it is not in the form of suns or planets say's Nasa. In ancient predynastic Egyptian papyrus this was called limitless, and undifferentiated darkness, and water reports Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. In modern dictation it is referenced as unable to be divided according to Merriam-Webster. Plato an Athenian Greek philosopher, made a statement over 2,000 years ago that the universe is a living entity that encompasses all creation.

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Mooka Da'knowledge

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