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Is Money Grown By Nature? Money From The Womb!

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Are the tools that manipulate a society; the same instruments that built all life?

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. - eTradeWire -- By: Mooka Da'knowledge Public Relations for So Seductive Kiss Fans

" Don't let fear of the unknown stop you from making a great change in your life." -Kevin Samuels

The cycles of life within nature is birth by nature, live by way of nature, and then die to feed nature for the next living organisms. But on many occasions, and discussions; humanity has the idea that they live outside the boundary of nature. Humanity has built a self sustaining foundation, but has forgotten about the essence that allows it to continually thrive. Humanity has decided to rely on themselves instead of nature. According to ancient Babylonian records, the barter trading system was started by Mesopotamia tribes in 6000 BC. A trade for food, weapons, spices, and later other things were added for trade. According to the United States Secretary of the Treasury, the start of the printed legal tenders called the dollar bill were issued in the year of 1862. A study by Skandia International Wealth Sentiment Monitor revealed that 80 percent of people around the globe believe that money brings happiness. An African American conservative woman in Gilbert, Arizona was asked does she think that society could survive without money or currency. Her reply was that society solely depends on this monetary system, and so she doesn't know for sure. Has nature failed humanity? The United Nations says humanity has to make peace with nature in order to survive. The media on Capitol Hill reports that Joe Biden's Justice40 plan will bring humanity's efforts closer to nature. The state of Florida has taken a step forward to preserve nature by its Sierra Club Florida's 2022 legislative initiative. As of 2022, the global community has taken notice that this type of initiative money can not do alone.

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"And nachash the whispering serpent said to the woman, "You shall not really die: Because Elohim knew that on the day that you eat from it, your eyes are opened, and you are like Elohim!" - The Book of Bereshit


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