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Is Content Marketing Dead? We discuss how a content-driven retail sector can work

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If you read the latest articles on content marketing, you will see that people in 2020 believe that it is dead, or at least is on the way out.

TOOWOOMBA, Australia - eTradeWire -- Content marketing isn't dead and is extremely relevant in 2020. Even more so, due to the impact of COVID-19. I recently moved into an old Queenslander style property and realised that it was going to require all my DIY skills that I have acquired. After several trips to the local hardware stores, I started to realise that the atmosphere in one particular hardware, "warehouse" (which will remain unnamed), left a lot to be desired. It was, "do I wear a mask or don't I wear a mask"? All the staff wore masks, but very few customers seemed to care about masks. Then there was the shopping experience. After looking around countless walls and aisles, I decided to ask as staff member where to find a metal file that I wanted. "It's over there in the corner" they barked. So, I went and found my file and checked out. It wasn't long after this and other experiences, that I thought of the business name, "DIY Space".
My business plan while seeming ambitious, is to provide products and online content for local and international customers as well as general DIY enthusiasts like myself. Having a financial as well as Wordpress web development background, I see a great opportunity for DIYers to establish an online community and to make, sell and buy. You can find more about DIY Space at http://www.diyspace.com.au.

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Whether this will happen or not depends on consumer demand for services other than those conventionally available. You may have concluded that there is already a platform online that does that, maybe the big auctions site (that also shall remain nameless). I thought so too, until I couldn't even maintain a private account with them. My account was suspended and when I used the, "Chat" contact method (the only contact method they provide), I was told by the staff person that, "it was time we parted ways" before they closed the chat without allowing me to discuss anything. I can't see how these retailers are encouraging free-trade and providing content driven meeting places.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the big retailers, as there is a place for them also. What I am against is the strangle-hold the big retailers often exert over our consumer sector when it comes to free-trade and a content driven retail environment.

DIY Space. Shaun McAtamney

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