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Is A Batman Film Worth Watching Without The Joker Character: The Batman Part II 2025

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A thought then a smile, after that an action that causes mayhem, and destruction. The original jester that was used for the enjoyment of kings.

NEW YORK - eTradeWire -- By: Mooka Da'knowledge Public Liaison of So Seductive Kiss Fans Entertainment

"The role of a clown is to elevate the possible, and to relieve suffering." - Patch Adams

There were two wolves that attacked a circus, and while eating one of the wolves said, " Doesn't this clown taste funny?" At a time of increased crime throughout the globe; some may say that their criminal actions are justified, because they don't consider them as crimes. Is there such a thing as good criminal actions? After a crime is committed do the person smile with joy? In the year of 1940, a comic series called The Dark Knight was published in the United States. It was a success with comic book readers, and so on January 12th, 1966 Batman television show was introduced. According to Greenway Productions, and
20th Century-Fox Television had moderate success. The television series ended on March 14th, 1968. But the action comic was released as a film on July 30, 1966, and grossed $3.9 million in the United States market. The Joker character seemed to be a favorite among the Batman fans. The Joker's personal reality expresses the mental condition of bipolar disorder, or manic depression. According to UC Health Medical Center, that disorder is identified by extreme mood swings of good, bad, happiness, and depression. In the film he is a patient of Arkham asylum. According to Oxford Languages, an asylum is an institution for the mentally ill. The highest grossing Batman film before the Covid-19 pandemic was The Dark Knight of 2008 at $1,006,234,167 worldwide, but a film of 2019 starring the Joker alone grossed 1,069,121,583. The $767,479,956 global earnings from the film The Batman in 2022 grossed so much in profits, because of the previous restrictions from the covid-19 emergency, says expert film critics. The fans of the Batman film franchise are in love with the Joker character, but will he appear in The Batman Part II that is scheduled to be released on October 3, 2025.

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"I remember in the circus learning that the clown was the prince, the high prince. I always thought that the high prince was the lion or the magician, but the clown is the most important." - Roberto Benigni


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