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Into The Wrong Hands 21st Century Thiller

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Villain or Hero; Opportunist or Thief -- Meet the Elusive Averie BOD'E
Based on True Events

ATLANTA - eTradeWire -- ATLANTA, GA – In a world of data breaches, account hackings, election influencings, and billion-dollar-financial thefts, comes someone to take advantage of it all -- a 2020 version of Jesse James or Frank Abagnale from Catch Me If You Can. Attired in slick suits, always accompanied by a stunning model, and living the sumptuous lifestyle, Averie Bod'e runs an elusive operation populated with the cream of the cyber-criminal world, that "extracts" unthinkable wealth from the "institutional thieves" of our lives, in ways that are untraceable. Or are they?

Bod'e's money, his "conspicuous consumptions", aloofness and arrogance, have drawn the attention of an alphabet soup of law-enforcement agencies -- the F.B.I. Secret Service, G.B.I., U.S. Fraud Dept. and state A.G'.s – and that's only counting the ones in the U.S. As they get closer, Bod'e gets smarter, using tactics and techno-heads and cyber tools only a man who has done it all before – and got caught and jailed – knows to do.

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There will be no more "time" for Bod'e; no more organizational gaps; no more weak links; no more unfaithful lieutenants. Bod'e has the perfect organization – or so he thinks.

Mimicking the actual details and tactics from the author's life, "Into the Wrong Hands" is a current-day page-turner with anything but the usual suspects and twists.   It introduces the elusive, obscure, "friend or foe" character of Averie Bod'e, even a Donald Trump couldn't comprehend.
An excerpt from "Into the Wrong Hands":

"Hello," my voice had not awakened yet.
A deep voice caressed my ear, "Good morning, Mr. W.D. Campbell."
"Look, whoever this is, I just got up and I really don't have time for games. I'm late as it is."
"Yesterday afternoon, at about 5pm posing as you, I, or should I say, you contacted your phone company, New York Bell, and had your services reconnected."
All of your home phone calls have been forwarded to my cellphone.so you wouldn't' have any reason to be suspicious or alarmed in any way."

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"Who the hell is this?!" I yelled.
"Who am I? Why, I'm Averie Bod'e, of course." He maintained a coolness that rendered me helpless. "Everybody wants to know who I really am, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Campbell, everybody!"

"Into the Wrong Hands" is available in print, online and audible (coming soon) versions by going to www.intothewronghands.com.

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Kenya Whitfield

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