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Independent Journalist Anh Lê On Wisconsin Teacher Diane Yoder's MoveOn Petition for Biden-Harris

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Independent journalist Anh Lê interviewed Diane Yoder about her MoveOn.org nationwide petition.

Diane Yoder's Nationwide Petition: A Call to Action

By Anh Lê

Diane Yoder, an ordinary working class American, felt her patriotic duty calling.  So she started a nationwide petition at MoveOn.org following the recent decisive presidential election, calling on the government's General Services Administration to respect the American people's choice.

Anh Le (AL): Since Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris won the election, and are now President Elect Biden and Vice President Harris, you started a nationwide petition at MoveOn.org.

Could you please share with us a little bit about yourself.

Diane Yoder (DY): I am a homebound service teacher from Wisconsin.

Anh Le (AL): What is MoveOn.org?

Diane Yoder (DY):  MoveOn.org is a progressive public policy advocacy group and political action committee. They allow people to create petitions for various causes.

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Anh Lê (AL): Please share with us about your nationwide petition.

What inspired you to start this petition?

Diane Yoder (DY): Like all of us, we spent an uneasy week waiting for the election results.  I was shocked when soon after, Emily Murphy from the General Services Administration (GSA), this government office that probably many hardly ever heard of until now, decided she didn't want to recognize Joe Biden as the winner of the election.  I read an article about it late at night and right after, I wrote out this petition.

AL: What are the main issues or problems you want to bring to the attention of the American people through your petition?

DY: The main issue is that I want people to stand up for free and fair elections in this country as we have had for the last 243 years.  I feel like the Trump Administration has consistently tried to undermine democracy especially free and fair elections with their constant lying about how elections here are rigged and how people cheat when even his own head of election cyber security stated this election was the most secure in history.  Trump has now fired that man which tells you how corrupt Trump is for firing someone who tells the truth.

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AL: What are your concerns about the ongoing refusal by the GSA administrator Emily Murphy to approve access to the resources of the presidential transition office for President Elect Biden and Vice President Elect Harris?

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